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Todd Bowles doing it his way

Unlike his predecessor, new Jets head coach Todd Bowles says he is not consumed with beating the Patriots.

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INDIANAPOLIS – The previous Jets coach was obsessed with all things Patriots. The current one claims he doesn't give them a second thought.

Todd Bowles, who took over for the departed Rex Ryan last month, took the podium at the Combine on Wednesday and was asked what competing against the Patriots in the AFC East means to him.

"I don't think [the rivalry] means anything to us right now," Bowles said. "Right now, we're trying to become the New York Jets. We're trying to become a winning ball club. So we're going to concentrate on us. You can't beat the Patriots in February. Just beating the Patriots isn't going to cut it, if you lose to everybody else.

"We have to have a growth process of learning how to win while we're winning or trying to win and beat more than just the Patriots."

While beating the Patriots seemed to be Ryan's sole obsession, and continues to be now that he's with the Bills, Bowles, the former Cardinals defensive coordinator, seems to look at things a bit differently – at least for now.

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