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Tom Brady is The Pharaoh?

Most people go with TB12 as the nickname of choice for Tom Brady, but former teammate and current Bill linebacker Brandon Spikes went with a different choice.


It can be argued that the one thing that has eluded Tom Brady in life, other than a teammate with which to share a high-five, is a great nickname.

Sure there is TB12, but that's as much a Brady-created marketing tool as it is a nickname. Then there is Touchdown Tommy. Or Tom Terrific. But there is nothing that's really caught on over his 15 years.

Come to find out, current Bills linebacker did his best to bestow a pretty cool nickname on Brady while the two were teammates over the last four seasons in New England.

Tom Brady – The Pharaoh.

"Yeah, that was a great nickname," Brady told Bills reporters during a Wednesday conference call.

But The Pharaoh wouldn't, or couldn't, elaborate on the meaning of the moniker.

"You got to ask Brandon about that. I don't know. You ask Brandon what he says," Brady said.

According to pharaoh is defined as a noun that is either the title of an ancient Egyptian king or, the lower case usage, any person who uses power or authority to oppress others; tyrant.

Seems like the former is a bit more fitting than the later. With apologies to Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick, Brady would seem to be the King of Patriots Nation But we may have to wait for the man who came up with the nickname, Spikes, to clear it up.

Stay tuned.

What do you think of calling Brady The Pharaoh? Let us know with a comment below!

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