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Tom Brady not interested in linking Julian Edelman's suspension to Alex Guerrero

Tom Brady ended his press conference on Saturday following a question suggesting a link between Julian Edelman's suspension and Alex Guerrero.

Tom Brady spoke to the media for the first time since training opened on Thursday, fielding a handful of questions for about six minutes before abruptly ending things when the topic turned to Alex Guerrero and Julian Edelman.

Brady discussed his decision to focus more on his family rather than participate in OTAs, but then was asked about Edelman's positive PED test, a possible connection to Guerrero and whether he felt it was fair that some had linked to the two.

"I have no comments, just ridiculous," he said before adding, "I'm out, see you guys" as he walked away. 

And with that, his press conference was over. It wasn't the only topic that seemed to annoy the quarterback. Earlier he was asked for his take on any of the rumors of the turmoil in the offseason between himself and Bill Belichick.

"I have no thoughts," was all Brady would muster.

Brady did address, as he did during mini-camp, his decision to skip OTA workouts. 

"I had more time with my family, but I also spent a lot of time doing football," he said. "You know, there's a lot of commitment and a lot of sacrifice from a lot of people that play the game. Our families, you know, they work just as hard just like every working family shares the burden at different times. It's a full-time commitment for this team, and everyone's got to do whatever it takes to help us win. 

"So, I feel good, ready and trying to improve like everyone else. It's a daily process. Football's a very humbling sport and you never have it quite figured out. Every year, there's different things, challenges, plays, schemes, opponents, conditions, situations, and it's just about adapting to what you have and the situation. It's never perfect. Hopefully there's a lot more good than bad, but you just work it every day and try to do better each day."

Thus far during camp the passing game hasn't been particularly sharp. Brady typically dominates on the practice field but that wasn't the case over the first three days of work. After missing so much practice time during the spring, it was only natural to wonder if perhaps he was behind where he'd normally be with his receivers at this point.

"I don't know. I mean, we have a long time. We have a lot of work to do. We'll do the best we can every day to get the work in when we can and try to go out there and have a great year," Brady said.

The soon-to-be-41-year-old quarterback looks in great shape as he worked with plenty of enthusiasm over the past few days. There were questions about his commitment during the offseason, questions that came from his comments on his "Tom vs. Time" docuseries on Facebook last season, but the quarterback did not express any concerns on Saturday.

 "Football is very, very important to me. It always has been. I love being out here with my teammates. It's great," Brady said. "As you get older, you have different responsibilities. That's just part of life. Everyone has to deal with those responsibilities differently with what works for them. Football is a huge part of my life. I love being here with my teammates, playing with them. Hopefully we can have a great season."

The last thing of note that Brady touched on was his relationship with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

"Josh and I have had a great relationship for 18 years. He's one of my best friends. I love working with him," he said. "We've had a very special relationship that I cherish. It's been that way a long time.

"I always talk to him about everything, and like I said, he's a great friend of mine. I love him, I love his family and we're very close. When you work together with somebody for that long, you have a great rapport and relationship. I'm happy he's on our team, happy he's coaching me and I want to go out there and do well by him."

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