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Tom Brady plays Conan O'Brien in 'Clueless Gamer'

It's been a busy week for the Patriots in late night television. With superlatives and hilarious interviews, we knew it wouldn't be long before Massachusetts native Conan O'Brien got involved. 

In a segment called "Clueless Gamer," Conan was on a mission to find out if Tom Brady was the G.O.A.T. in more than just football. The two faced off in a video game, and it is Tom Brady like you've never seen him before. We all know there is no one more competitive on the field than TB12, and it turns out he doesn't take video games lightly either. 

"I've broken a lot of remotes in my day and broken a lot of TVs," Tom said.

To say the least, he didn't take it easy on Conan. Eventually, Falcon Dwight Freeney, LeGarrette Blount, Rob Gronkowski and Marshawn Lynch joined the mix for even more craziness.

Let's just say it involves a Bill Belichick cutout, Tom Brady being thrown from a bridge and the funniest apology on record. Words won't do this things justice. Watch the video below, and be prepared for some explicit language from Tom.

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