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Tom Brady Post-Game Press Conference

Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady talks to the press about the Pats' loss to the Broncos in Denver on Sunday.To view the press conference, click below.



TB: Not the best performance today.

Q: What happened out there?

TB: Well at halftime I think we were up a touchdown, 17-10. We came out, we got the ball back and kicked a field goal. We probably should have, it would have been big to take advantage of that one. The defense gets us the ball that close, you'd love to put that one in. We just made too many mistakes. The communication wasn't the best out there. Coach always talks about the passing game and the precision you need, from my standpoint I have got to get better at that. I have to know where my guys are going. I have to anticipate where they are going and make those throws accordingly.

Q: What kind of things did you learn from a half like that?

TB: Going into halftime we really played our game that first half. The second half they got the crowd into it a little bit and I don't want to say that it took us out of our game, we got the ball down there ready to kick a field goal, we were down 24-20 and I stepped up in the pocket and tried to hit David [Patten] in the back of the end zone, the guy made a good play on the ball. It is one of those things where I have got to make a throw where if my guy doesn't get it there guy shouldn't get it. There were a lot of good things out there, but there were just too many bad things and any time you play a good team on the road, you see the outcome.

Q: Is your confidence shaken at all? Is it maybe just for a couple of hours, will you bounce back tomorrow are you fine right now?

TB: I think that I am looking to improve every time out. Obviously you don't want to throw interceptions especially in the second half of the game when you have the lead. That is stuff that I have got to improve on and like I said every week you are learning something and you really have to learn to take advantage of these opportunities. To make every throw when it is there. When you miss throws, you can't miss them in certain spots and I have been doing that the first four games and it caught up with me today. Anytime you throw the ball a lot those are bound to happen, but they can't happen at those points in the game.

Q: Do Drew [Bledsoe] offer any advice maybe in between some of the interceptions in the fourth quarter?

TB: Yeah, yeah he has been supportive since day one. The comment he made was he just said, 'This is where you show what you are made of.' It is really is when things go well when you go 3-1 your first four games, you are throwing the ball at a high percentage and not throwing the interceptions and this is the hard part, this is the hard part. But the thing about is we play next we, we play next week and this is hard to get over, but you have got to get over it or else you start rolling into two game losing streaks and we are not going to allow that as a team. We are too good of a team to allow something like that to happen. We are going and reevaluate where we made those mistakes and try to make sure that they don't happen again so when you do have a seven point lead at halftime against a good team you don't allow that other thing to come back.

Q: How long will this stick with you do you think, that fourth quarter any way?

TB: Probably ask me that on Wednesday. It is a tough one. I have never thrown four picks in a game and some of them, the one at the end there you are just fourth and forever and you are just trying to lay it up, but you talk about precision and you have to be precise. One thing that we knew about these corners was that they had really good, not as many corners can make plays on balls, a lot of those db's don't catch the ball real well, these guys, they are like receivers out there. So anytime you throw a bad ball that guy is catching it over his shoulder and making good plays.

Q: Do you think you will be any more cautious or hesitant?

TB: Yeah that's the way it works. It's a new game and a new day and you are not out there playing cautious, you are out there making the throws that you think are supposed to be made. You go out there and make a throw and it doesn't work and then you have to reevaluate where you put the ball. I think sometimes I overly anticipate where a guy is going to be and then today I wasn't really looking, at least on those interceptions, I wasn't looking in front of my throws.

Q: The first one the game came across from the side?

TB: Yeah David had him beat and I tried to get it out there, it was late the timing was off and I threw it and David was kind of in the back of the end zone and I don't think David even knew how close. They guy just kind of undercut him and he made a good play. Give credit to him on that one, but like I said that's a point where I can't sit back there and make that. I can see how close that guy is, if I am going to throw that it has to be a near perfect throw or out of the back of the end zone.

Q: I just want to clarify one thing that you said, did you say that you had been getting away with some things earlier and it caught up with you or you haven't been making those mistakes at all and today is the first time?

TB: I don't think necessarily getting away with stuff, I have been doing a better job of I guess anticipating and today I got into a situation where I am anticipating a guy doing one thing and it was just a miscommunication and that's on the quarterback. The receiver is running the route how he thinks it should be run and I am throwing it and I am the checks and balances so I have got to make better throws in those situations.

Q: But that hasn't happened at all, why all of a sudden in one quarter?

TB: I think it was the situation that we were faced with. I think it was a situation that, the first interception the guy made a good play on. The second one we run a corner route and David under cut the db and I thought David was going to stay over the top of him so I laid it up and at that time David's running out of his break and the db has his eyes on the ball and he just runs where David does. So that is the type of miscommunication, and that is something like I said that I have got to see David, I just can't assume and throw the ball up in the air thinking David is going to be there because if he is not that is the result.

Q: How about the one that was run back, what happened there?

TB: The few plays before I was working the right side of the field and they changed the coverage up so I went to Troy's [Brown] side and I kind of lost Troy there for a second, I saw Troy break out and Troy saw one thing, Troy kind of turned out and stopped and I thought he was going to go out and so I led him out…and Troy didn't run out because the corner was there and like I said I didn't look in front of that throw and see that the corner was out there. That is the stuff that you learn. You make sure that if situation comes up again you can't make those throws.

Q: Can you give one sentence that sums up this game in your eyes?

TB: I would say that my performance has to be better than this if we want to be a championship team.

Q: You can point to the interceptions were there things that weren't so obvious in the previous starts that you worked on during the week?

TB: This was the game where it came down to we didn't have a big lead like we did last week…the San Diego game we came back and we really made plays to win the game and we were in the same situation as San Diego in a sense that we had to come out and make plays at the end of the game to win and we failed to do that. I always point to myself. You are the guy that is out there, you want to be making those plays and there are no excuses I just have to get better, that is what is comes down to and I will get better, I will get better.

Q: What did you say to Al Wilson in the first half, you gave him a little a shoulder?

TB: I don't know, yeah, I think he gave me a little shoulder

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