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Tom Brady Press Conference

Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady talks to the press about the Pats' upcoming game on Sunday against the Colts.To view the transcript, click below.



Q: You are going against the same team that you went against two weeks, weren't in that situation in college unless maybe a bowl game, how does that fit into your background going into this game?

TB: There is definitely a good start on the preparation, you know the players, you kind of know the scheme. Right now we are just trying to identify some of the things that they did in the Oakland game that we didn't necessarily see and the things that are really working for them. It definitely works early on, you figure by the game you should know it anyway, but more so on Wednesday there is just more of a sense of familiarity.

Q: I assume you think that defensively they are going to make some adjustments?

TB: Yeah I think they will definitely have some. Once again they are going to kind of scheme some things up to try to stop the things that we were successful with against them last time. Our approach doesn't change. We have to go out there and execute if we want to win because they are going to be ready for us.

Q: How much more comfortable are you this week than the first week, now that you have three games under your belt?

TB: Like I said last week, from week to week there is just more familiarity with the guys that I am playing with. With Troy [Brown] and reading his body language coming out of routes and Terry [Glenn] and David [Patten] and I just think being more comfortable with the situations that you are faced with. When you really haven't played a game, a significant game in a year and a half since college, just to learn to deal with the emotions and the situations in the game.

Q: Have you ever played a full game in a dome and what do you anticipate in terms of having to adjust to the noise?

TB: That is definitely the biggest part, the communication factor. Just making sure that everyone is on the same page. It is a loud place to play. I was down there last year and I have played in domes in my career so it is just something that you really have to be sharp on. Obviously we are anticipating it so it is stuff that we will need to be able to work on in the next few days so everyone is prepared for it. It doesn't make much sense if I am prepared for it, the receivers are prepared for it and no one else is, so we all have to be on the same page.

Q: Winning a road game is part of your maturation process as an NFL quarterback, how were you as a road player in college, did you have a different feeling going on the road or different approach?

TB: I went to Michigan, we didn't lose anytime so…The way my coach in college approached he would kind of pull us in a room the night before and say, 'This is all we have got and this is all we need.' You know that you are going down there with your group of guys and you know the crowds is going to be against you and you know the refs aren't necessarily going to be on your side, but we still need to take care of business. We have to go out, execute our plays and our game plan. That is the only way that we can be successful especially, we traveled down there last year, holding onto a lead and an offense that is protecting the lead and a defense that is protecting the lead, so that is definitely a point of emphasis of going into the game.

Q: Sunday you stepped into the pocket to buy more time, is that something that you have learned or is that instinct?

TB: It is both, it is definitely both. It is something you work on a lot in practice. There are a lot of days out there when we are working in the pocket and obviously that's just kind of feeling the guys around you, knowing where you can step up in protection and studying a lot of tape and we knew that those ends rushed up field. Coach Belichick definitely made a point to me before the game, he showed me Tim Couch stepping up in the pocket and making plays in that sense, that was definitely a thought going into the game.

Q: What do you make of the AFC Player of the Week honors? You had a rough week last week against Miami and then this week you have a great performance against the Chargers and win player of the week, what do you make of it in your?

TB: That is something that is really out of your control like I always say and believe me there are a lot of guys on that field that could have one the same award. With Terry catching all of those balls and Troy, those guys are the guys getting open and my line is protecting me so that is a team award, at least an offensive award as far as I am concerned.

Q: Is there an explanation as to why one week was better than the other? What happened for you last week? How can you repeat that performance?

TB: I would just say that we were definitely, not that we weren't prepared for Miami because we were prepared, we came into this game knowing that we had to really come out throwing the ball and I was definitely on the same page with Troy and Terry and David and the running backs and we just executed. That is what it comes down to. We didn't execute in Miami we executed last week and that is what is going to make us and allow us to be successful on the road. It is just going out and executing our plays.

Q: In the beginning Coach Belichick had mentioned not giving you anything to do that you weren't comfortable doing, over the last three weeks do you think that you have opened things up for the coaches in terms of being able to give you more weapons to use?

TB: I kind of do what they tell me to do. They call the plays and I go out there and try to execute them. I am comfortable since day one just the plans that they put in for me and it is just about executing those. In terms of being comfortable with the plays, I am comfortable with the whole playbook.

Q: Drew [Bledsoe] has had a lot of success against Indianapolis the last two or three years, what can he lend to you during the meetings and what can he lend to you during the game?

TB: It is going to be nice to have him down there. We didn't have him for that first road game in Miami, but he has had success. I think the team has had success. For one reason or another we have performed well against them. Every week is different. It is game to game. They have lost their last two and they had a bye week in there. Our backs were against the wall the last time we played them. We were 0-2 and I am sure that they are going to be coming out more prepared to play then they have been all year.

Q: What specifically do you talk to him about, personnel on the defensive side, or personnel on your side or schemes?

TB: All of that, all of that. From the personnel, he is very familiar with their guys, to their defensive coordinator and the way they have tried to attack him, which is obviously helpful. Two weeks ago we saw the way that they approached me my first game. It is just a matter of him seeing things and trying to communicate them with me, things that I might have not picked up on. Those are the types of conversations that we have had.

Q: How has your life changed the last few weeks?

TB: I would say I have been just a little more busy, a lot of phone calls a lot of emails…

Q: Marriage proposals?

TB: No, not yet, but yeah I would just say more busy. I guess in a sense there is a little bit more responsibility and accountability for the actions.

Q: Have you found yourself more targeted, people suddenly becoming your good buddy?

TB: No I wouldn't say that, I would just say that I think you can identify that pretty easy. I have got calls from coaches and I have had a lot of support, which is nice to know.

Q: You don't seem overly impressed with personal awards, player of the week honors doesn't really seem to mean that much to you?

TB: Like I said, you are in a situation where you go out and you play the best you can and you let everyone else say, 'Wow you played great, or you played bad.' I know how I played and I know there are obviously things I need to correct. I have played three games in the NFL and I am so far from where I want to be as a player and as a contributor to a team. So I am just going to keep making the headway and keep progressing as best and as fast as I can.

Q: Coach mentioned that Drew may be in uniform Sunday as the third quarterback, can you comment on that?

TB: I don't know what the situation is going to be. It is always nice to have him there, it is always nice to have him there.

Q: Can you comment on the play of Matt Light, do you have any sense of how he is playing and how he is coming along?

TB: Matt is a such a hardworking person. He had a setback in training camp with that high ankle sprain and he still fights it in on a day-to-day basis. He goes out there and he practices hard very day. He is always coming up to me and making comments and I have kind of a good rapport with him. He is a tough kid, fights as hard as he can. He does everything that you could really ask for from a guy, especially a guy battling an injury in effect that he went to Purdue and we [Michigan] beat them a few weeks ago.

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