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Tom Brady releases list of jersey thief suspects

Tom Brady's jersey has been missing since Super Bowl LI, but don't worry, Patriots Nation. Detective TB12 is on the case.

Tom Brady's Super Bowl LI jersey has been missing since the end of the game on Feb. 5, and though the hunt for the jersey is serious business, that isn't stopping Tom from having a little fun with it. 

In an Instagram posted on Wednesday, Tom released his top list of suspects in the case of the stolen jersey, and they are incredible. The official suspect board cites many leads, including Swiper of "Dora the Explorer," his dog, Scooby, Lady Gaga and the clown from "Air Bud."

Among the top suspects is his own teammate, Julian Edelman. Both Julian and Gollum are listed as suspicious figures who are possibly working in cahoots, as they both like rings. In troubling times like this, you can't trust anyone, even your own teammate.

The Instagram caption was addressed to JE11, and reads: "Hey @edelman11 'Ya suspect, yeah you! I don't know what your reputation is in this town, but after that s@?# you pulled, you can bet l'll be looking into you!'"

Never one to back down, Julian promptly responded Wednesday afternoon with a post of his own. 

Straight from a scene in "Good Will Hunting," Jules reassures Tom that the lost jersey was not his fault. 

And so the investigation grinds on, but fret not, Patriots Nation. Detective TB12 is on the case.


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