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Tom Brady wishes Leicester City goalkeeper luck in video message

From one footballer to another: Tom Brady wishes Leicester City goalkeeper and Patriots fan Kasper Schmeichel luck.

Leicester City goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel has had himself quite a season. Kasper – a Patriots fan – has anchored the first place team's run, and another footballer has taken notice.

The NFL UK posted a video of Tom Brady wishing Kasper and Leicester City luck as they try to take the Premier League title.

"Hey, Kasper. I hear you're a huge Patriot fan, and I just want to let you know with all the success that Leicester City's had this season in the Premier League, I wanted to let you know you've got a lot of Patriot fans supporting you as well," Tom said. "Keep up the great work. I know you guys are kicking butt."

When Kasper saw the video, he was in awe.  

"That's very decent, very decent," he said. "It's brilliant. Oh, Tom Brady. Wow. [He's a] big hero of mine so that's fantastic."

Kasper said he was a "quite big" fan of Tom and the Patriots, and his reaching out speaks to the international appeal of Leicester City. The club is leading the pack of a league that has been dominated by the big four – Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea. 

While there are still games to be played in the season, the club can clinch the title as early as April 25. Despite the rush towards the finish, Kasper responded happily to Tom's well wishes and said TB12 has made himself a place in NFL history.

 "He's the best at his sport ever I think," Kasper said. "It's very impressive."


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