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Top 50 Plays in Patriots Super Bowl History

In honor of the NFL's celebration of Super Bowl 50, we count down the top 50 plays in Patriots Super Bowl history.

In honor of the NFL's celebration of Super Bowl 50, we count down the top 50 plays in Patriots Super Bowl history.

Take a look back at some of the top plays from Patriots Super Bowl history.

50. Curtis Martin 18-yard TD run (XXXI vs Packers).

49. David Patten 22-yard run in third quarter (XXXVI vs Rams).


48. Don Blackmon forces Walter Payton to fumble on second play of the game, recovered by Larry McGrew at Bears 19-yard line (XX vs Bears).

47. Mike Vrabel strip sack recovered by Willie McGinest (XXXVIII vs Panthers).

46. Ben Coates four-yard TD catch to give Patriots only lead of the game (XXXI vs Packers).

45. Fourth quarter third-down pass breakup by Sterling Moore to end Giants drive and preserve lead (XLVI vs Giants).

44. Third-down red zone sack by Rob Ninkovich to hold Giants to a field goal and preserve third-quarter lead (XLVI vs Giants).

43.Patriots tie an NFL record with a 96-yard touchdown drive in the second quarter. Tom Brady was 10-of-10 for 98 yards (XLVI vs Giants).

42. Tom Brady sets then-SB record with 16 straight pass completions (XLVI vs Giants).

41.Randall Gay forced fumble recovered by Eugene Wilson (XXXIX vs Eagles).


40.Rodney Harrison interception on the play after an Asante Samuel interception was wiped out by penalty. It was Donovan 
McNabb's first red zone interception of the season (XXXIX vs Eagles).

39. Ellis Hobbs 23-yard interception return in own territory (XLII vs Giants).

38.Ryan Allen SB record 64-yard punt (XLIX vs Seahawks).

37.Laurence Maroney one-yard TD run at the start of the second quarter to give Pats lead (XLII vs Giants).

36.Deion Branch 27-yard reception in third quarter on TD drive (XXXIX vs Eagles).


35. Wes Welker ties a then-SB record with 11 receptions (XLII vs Giants).

34.David Givens 25-yard reception in fourth quarter on TD drive (XXXVIII vs Panthers).

33.Antowain Smith two-yard TD run in fourth quarter to establish two-score lead (XXXVIII vs Panthers).

32.Tom Brady four-yard TD pass to Danny Woodhead to cap 96-yard drive and give Pats lead at halftime (XLVI vs Giants).

31.Deion Branch ties a then-SB record with 11 receptions (XXXIX vs Eagles).

30. Bill Belichick chooses to introduce entire team rather than offense or defense (XXXVI vs Rams).


29. Tedy Bruschi fourth quarter interception deep in own territory (XXXIX vs Eagles).

28.Tom Brady 52-yard pass to Deion Branch to set up a touchdown before halftime (XXXVIII vs Panthers).

27.Otis Smith interception in third quarter to set up Vinatieri field goal and 17-3 lead (XXXVI vs Rams).

26.Josh Miller punt downed at the Philadelphia four-yard line with 46 seconds left (XXXIX vs Eagles).

25. Mike Vrabel two-yard TD catch to break third-quarter tie (XXXIX vs Eagles).


24. Rob Ninkovich third-down sack in the fourth quarter to end the Seahawks drive and keep deficit at 10 points  (XLIX vs 

23.Tom Brady goes 13-of-15 for 124 yards and two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to cap the largest fourth-quarter 
comeback in Super Bowl history (XLIX vs Seahawks).

22. Adam Vinatieri 22-yard field goal in fourth quarter to extend lead to 10 points (XXXIX vs Eagles).

21. Randy Moss six-yard TD catch to give Patriots lead with under three minutes to play (XLII vs Giants).

20. Kevin Faulk direct snap two-point conversion to increase fourth quarter lead from five to seven points (XXXVIII vs 

19. Deion Branch five-yard TD catch to open the scoring (XXXVIII vs Panthers).

18.Brandon LaFell 11-yard TD catch to open the scoring (XLIX vs Seahawks).

17. David Givens four-yard TD catch before halftime (seventh consecutive playoff game with a TD) (XXXIX vs Eagles).

16. David Givens five-yard TD catch before halftime (XXXVIII vs Panthers).

15. Rob Gronkowski 22-yard TD catch before halftime (XLIX vs Seahawks).

14.Corey Dillon two-yard TD run to break fourth quarter tie (XXXIX vs Eagles).

13. Shane Vereen one-handed catch on the go-ahead touchdown drive, one of 11 catches, the most by a running back in Super 
Bowl history and tied for second-most overall (XLIX vs Seahawks).

12. David Patten eight-yard TD catch to take a 14-3 lead with 36 seconds left in first half (XXXVI vs Rams).

11.Mike Vrabel one-yard TD catch to take a fourth-quarter lead (XXXVIII vs Panthers).

10. Rodney Harrison interception to seal the game (XXXIX vs Eagles).


9. Danny Amendola four-yard TD catch in the fourth quarter to cut deficit to three points (XLIX vs Seahawks).


8. Deion Branch 17-yard reception on third down to set up Adam Vinatieri game-winning field goal on ensuing play (XXXVIII vs 


7. Tom Brady to Julian Edelman conversion on third-and-14 to keep drive alive while down 10 points (XLIX vs Seahawks).


6. Troy Brown 23-yard catch to move ball to Rams 36-yard line with 33 seconds left (XXXVI vs Rams).

5. Ty Law 47-yard interception return TD to open scoring (XXXVI vs Rams).

4. Tom Brady to Julian Edelman game-winning touchdown (XLIX vs Seahawks).

3. Adam Vinatieri game-winning 41-yard field goal (XXXVIII vs Panthers).

2. Adam Vinatieri game-winning 48-yard field goal (XXXVI vs Rams).

1. Malcolm Butler interception to clinch the win (XLIX vs Seahawks).

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