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Transcript: Bill Belichick Press Conference 11/2

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick addresses the media on Monday, November 2, 2020.

Q: We've seen Chase Winovich's snaps decrease over the last few weeks. What has been the cause of that?

BB: Yeah, just been situational. He'll play. He's a good player. He'll play.

Q: Did anything change between the beginning of the season and now?

BB: Just some weekly decisions based on game plans and so forth.

Q: On the onside kick, was there something that you saw in the Bills' technique that contributed to your decision to go for the onside kick?

BB: Yes.

Q: On the first defensive play of the second half, was there an equipment-related issue with Ja'Whaun Bentley that led you to have to get a different defensive player on the field?

BB: Yeah, he didn't come out for the start of the second half and we just weren't aware that he wasn't out there. Then he was out there, but it was not until the next play.

Q: Could you share the reason that was the case? Was it more of a communication issue?

BB: Yeah, he was in the locker room dealing with something in the locker room and came out as quickly as he could. We just weren't aware of it – I mean, we all thought he was there and then he wasn't there. Josh [Uche] actually was the first one to recognize it pretty alertly and got on the field. It wasn't an injury problem per say, but he just wasn't there.

Q: Now that you've watched the film, what did you see from Josh Uche's debut?

BB: You know, he played a handful of plays. There were some positive things and, as you would expect, there were some things that he can improve on. But, it was good to have him out there. He'll keep working hard, he's a hardworking kid, gives us great effort every day, so we'll keep working and see where it goes from here.

Q: Do you see that readiness to jump on the field to start the second half as a heads-up play on his part?

BB: Yeah, that play was. Yeah.

Q: With the way the Bills were running it yesterday, why was it the best thing for your defense to have as many defensive backs as you had on the field?

BB: Yeah, well, they were in 10 and 11 personnel a good portion of the game, too, so our personnel reflected theirs. We've just got to coach and play better. I don't think that was – I'm OK with that part of it. We just have to play better, coach better.

Q: What are your impressions of what you've gotten out of Ja'Whaun Bentley this season?

BB: Ja'Whaun's gotten a lot of playing time. He's gotten a lot of snaps in multiple personnel groups. He's had a good leadership role for us in terms of calling the defense and making adjustments and those kind of things. Yeah, he's a young player who needs more playing experience, he's getting a lot of it and he's getting better.

Q: What could you do differently to cut down on some of the missed tackles that you guys have had over the last couple weeks?

BB: Better fundamentals.

Q: What exactly goes into that?

BB: All the tackling fundamentals that are involved. It's a long list – leverage, tackling, technique, finish.

Q: What are your thoughts on where the team is at now compared to where your expectations may have been? Obviously, each year, this team expects to win a Super Bowl championship, but did you feel that was possible this season given the depth issues at some of your key positions?

BB: Yeah, my expectations now are to put everything we have into this week and be ready to go against the Jets.

Q: What have you seen from Damien Harris so far, and what do you like about him as a rusher?

BB: Yeah, Damien's done a good job for us. He runs hard, he's got good balance, he's got good speed, catches the ball well, smart kid. So, he's done a good job.

Q: Thinking about when Lawrence Guy was out in the second half and it stressed your depth at defensive tackle, I'm curious about Beau Allen. How has he progressed since he has returned to practice and do you anticipate him being able to help you?

BB: No, Beau won't play this year.

Q: Is there any detail you could provide as to why?

BB: He just won't be ready.

Q: Do you feel like defensive tackle is an area where you need more depth or more size in the middle?

BB: Well, I mean, we need to do a lot of things better defensively, offensively and in the kicking game. So, we'll continue to work on all those areas and try to improve them. So, yeah, we can get better at everything – coaching, playing, offense, defense, special teams, all areas.

Q: Jakobi Meyers wasn't playing much earlier in the season. Was that more related to the injury that he had in the summer or the depth in front of him?

BB: Yeah, well, we started the year basically with the three receivers being [N'Keal] Harry, [Julian] Edelman and [Damiere] Byrd, and then other guys had other roles. But, that's changed, so there have been opportunities for other players to play at that position and we play the players that we feel like have a chance to help us the most in the game.

Q: Talking about Jakobi Meyers and Damien Harris as players who have stepped up in recent weeks in the absence of previous starters, do you expect them to retain the same sort of role or have an increased role from what they had before when players like N'Keal, Julian and Sony come back?

BB: I mean, if we have all of our players healthy, then we'll use them however we feel like will be the best way for us to be competitive and to try to win. We're certainly not in that position right now, so we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, if we come to it.

Q: You mentioned that the focus this week is to go out and win the game against the Jets, but you're in a 2-5 situation that you and the team haven't been in in a long time. Is the message to the players different at all at this midseason point to deal with the situation you're in?

BB: Well, the situation we're in is that we play the Jets this week and that's what we can do this week is we can have a good week and prepare for the Jets and do everything we can to win. I don't know what would change that. Like if our record was different, I'm not sure how we would approach it differently.

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