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Transcript: Bill Belichick Press Conference 8/3

Read the full transcript from Patriots head coach Bill Belichick's press conference on Wednesday, August 3, 2022.


August 3, 2022

BB: A couple day in pads here, so today we won't be in pads. We'll be in shells and try to clean up a few things from the last couple of days that need to be worked out and get back at it. Last couple days of the week here and finish up in the stadium. This week's rolling along, a lot of work to do, making progress but a long way to go. So just keep stringing these days together.

Q: That's an NFL rule right, you can't be in pads three days in a row?

BB: You could do pads three days in a row, but then there's some other things. We're not going to. We're in shells today.

Q: What stands out to you in particular that you want to clean up today?

BB: Everything. Yeah, just a lot of communication, techniques, adjustments.

Q: How have you seen the installment of the new offense going?

BB: We've installed our offense, defense, special teams at this point. We don't have everything in - in anything. We're putting it in, in the timeframe and schedule that we talked about as usual with some modifications from day-to-day depending on whatever the individual circumstances are on that particular day.

Q: Talk about Mack Wilson's camp so far. What do you think of his performance?

BB: Yeah, Mack's done a good job for us. He came in the spring, he was really an outstanding worker all spring and learned some different things that we do here. But he's adaptive well. He's been productive on defense and in the kicking game so far. We look forward to seeing him out there.

Q: First two days of padded practice here we saw a lot of outside zone, what are some of the keys you are looking as what comprises a successful outside zone?

BB: Just depends on what defense they're in and what formation we're in and things like that. When you're putting in one play, you emphasize and run that and then you go to something else and then you emphasize that. So, just happened to work out the sequence that we put in the zone runs first, but we've put in plenty of gap plays and we'll run those, too.

Q: What was your reaction with the Dolphin's ruling yesterday?

BB: I'm not really worried about that, just trying to have a good training camp here.

Q: Did you have any idea the Dolphins were tampering with your starting quarterback that season?

BB: Focused on training camp here. That's all in the past.

Q: When we come up out here, a lot of times we see special teamers working out on this field. Maybe some extra instruction for some of the young players, [Brenden] Schooler, [Terrance] Mitchell, got a couple of guys the last few days, when they come into camp and they've got a Cody Davis, Justin Bethel, Matthew Slater, people like that, along with your coaches, how important are the impressions those players make? Cody [Davis] in particular?

BB: Yeah, I mean I think any young player can learn from the veteran players at his position, whatever that position is, whether it's special teams or offense, defense, especially good players like the ones you referred to. Those guys are very good. Any young player that would play their positions would be missing a great opportunity to not really pay attention to how those guys play and what they do and their techniques, and talk to them and ask them questions about how they read things, how they see things, things like that. Our guys do a really good job of that all the way across the board, offense, defense special teams. You see veteran players working with younger players all the time, trying to help them, especially the ones that want help. If guys don't really help then that doesn't - it's not going to go very far. Rookies that ask questions get information and veterans are very good at providing it in all areas but certainly in the kicking game. Cody, Justin, Matthew, those guys have seen a lot, they know a lot. They're a great resource.

Q: What have you seen out of Kevin Harris so far? I know it's early but how does he seem to be picking things up?

BB: Good, good. We do a lot more in the passing game than they did in South Carolina, but that's pretty common. That's the same thing for [Pierre] Strong. There's just a lot more to the passing game in the NFL than there is in most colleges. So that's been the big adjustment. Not that there aren't changes in the running game but there are. Then I'd say the kicking game, that's another area for players like that, that they need to have a role in, in order to help their opportunity to be active on game day and make the roster. Most of them haven't done much of that. So, those are the two big areas for, I'd say most young players at that position.

Q: You talked about the jump from year one to year two with a guy like Mac. What do you see on the defensive side with a guy like Christian Barmore? What are some of the things you think he could get better at or more comfortable with in year two?

BB: Same thing. Again, first of all being in condition and having a good offseason program, much better than what most rookies have coming in after the draft. Knowing our defense, knowing his teammates and how to communicate with them and knowing what the offense does. And having a better idea of quicker recognition, reads, anticipation things like that.

Q: How does Anfernee Jennings look to you this spring and summer? Obviously back after being injured last year.

BB: Yeah, the big thing with Anfernee [Jennings] is he's out there. So he's been out there every day. He's working. Of course, if you're working, you're improving. It's good to have him out there and he's made progress every day. He'll get some good opportunities coming up in the near future along with some other guys in that position and we'll see how it turns out. But it's good to have him out there.

Q: What have you seen from Ty Montgomery in the different spots he's tried this offseason?

BB: Ty [Montgomery] is another player that had a real good offseason for us. Again, it's a player we're getting to know, trying to get familiar with what his skill set is, what he can do. He's pretty versatile. It looks like he can do a lot. We'll see how all that goes together. But he's a smart kid, learns well. We'll see how he does in the kicking game and in some different roles offensively and just go from there.

Q: Nelson Agholor is in his second offseason now. How have you seen his second year? Is he a bit more comfortable and giving better results in practice?

BB: Yeah, it's a big jump, big jump for him. He was here all offseason and had a really good offseason, was productive. He had a really good spring of training. He's come out here. He's made consistently, made plays obviously down the field which is very important but also in other areas, very few mental errors very few mistakes. So he's looked good.

Q: We know how special army navy is to you. What was your reaction when the game was awarded to Gillette Stadium?

BB: Yeah, great. I think it will be a great experience for the people in this area. It's a classic. There's no other game like that. Watching it on tv is great but being there in person is really special. This is great venue for it. I think for Navy, it'll be a great opportunity to travel obviously, but see the things that are important to the Navy - Newport, the Navy Yard in Boston, things like that. It's just kind of a lot of Navy connections here in this general area. I think that they plan some events and things like that. I'm not sure exactly. It's not really my thing but it sounds like it'll be more than just a game for Navy to make the trip up here. It'll be environment, great opportunity and it'll be great for the fans in New England to see that class. It's really a classic.

Q: It's early and a long way off, but do you like anyone in that game?

BB: I know who I like and I know who I'm pulling for. No doubt about that.

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