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Transcript: Bill Belichick Press Conference 9/26

Read the full transcript from Patriots head coach Bill Belichick’s press conference on Monday, September 26, 2022.



September 26, 2022

BB: Good morning. Just quickly on Mac [Jones], really no update on him. We'll go through the process and see where things are this morning, but nothing definitive at this point.

Q: Bill, just based on the information you do have, do you anticipate him [Mac Jones] being on injured reserve?

BB: Mike, I just answered that question.

Q: I know you have some information, I know you're getting more information. I said based on what you have now.

BB: And until we get more information, I'm not going to speculate wildly on what it would or wouldn't be.

Q: When you had your 11 personnel on the field, did I see it right, did the Ravens not change their defensive matchup? Regardless of which personnel you had in when you were in 11.

BB: They used multiple defensive alignments against 11 personnel. Base, two different kinds of nickels, dime.

Q: On the Isaiah Wynn early penalty there, is that he just needs to be closer to the line of scrimmage when he lines up?

BB: Again, you'd have to ask the officials exactly what they saw on that. I think that was the call.

Q: Bill, so no response or reports from Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport that it's believed to be a sprained ankle?

BB: Yeah Andrew, I already made a statement on that. I'm not going to make wild speculation.

Q: It seemed like Baltimore played a higher rate of man coverage on early downs against you yesterday, than probably previous opponents, is that something you saw? Is that something they changed as the game went on?

BB: Yeah, they did start that way and yes, I think that there was certainly less of that in the second half, after the opening drive. Those were both versions of man coverage on both passes to [DeVante] Parker in the start of the third quarter. And then there was, I'd say, more zone after that, and some quarters coverage.

Q: All four of Mac's interceptions this season have been thrown in DeVante Parker's direction. It's a small sample, but do you see any commonalities with those interceptions, considering the receiver intended is the same person?

BB: No.

Q: Just kind of along the lines of ball security and the interceptions, were there any common threads that you saw in terms of ball security and also on the interceptions?

BB: No. We just have to do a better job taking care of the ball. That's all of us. Coaches, all the players, guys that handle the ball, some of the guys that don't handle the ball, we've also had turnovers on that too. We just have to do a better job of it. We emphasize it a lot, but obviously we're not getting it done so we're all accountable for that. 

Q: What do you think changed in the second half in regard to getting pressure on Lamar [Jackson]? It felt like the pocket around him was condensing a lot more in the first half, but they were obviously able to get more time and a little bit more flexibility in the second.

BB: I think that had a lot to do with the success they had in the running game.

Q: Finally, on Deatrich [Wise Jr.], on a positive note, just your thoughts on his development and what you've seen from him in the first three games.

BB: D's [Deatrich Wise Jr.] had several good years for us and has had a good training camp and he's been a consistent player, really all year, multiple years.

Q: What does Brian Hoyer bring to the offense?

BB: Brian [Hoyer]'s got a lot of experience in the offense.

Q: How would you describe Bailey Zappe's progress to when he was drafted to where we are now?

BB: He's gotten a lot better.

Q: Hey Bill, we asked you a couple weeks ago about Kendrick Bourne and his playing time , but yesterday, with Jakobi Meyers out, he still only had 18 snaps I think it was. Given how productive he's been, what is it that's preventing Kendrick from getting more playing time?

BB: We played all our skill players yesterday. I think they all played quite a bit, other than Pierre [Strong Jr.]. But, both backs, both tight ends, all the receivers played. I thought we moved the ball. We just had turnovers, but I thought we moved the ball well with the groups that were in there, running game and passing game. Obviously, the turnovers hurt us.

Q: Morning Bill. Were you encouraged by the success that Mac and DeVante were able to find on a good number of those deep balls yesterday?

BB: We moved the ball. We had some explosive plays. Need to finish better in the red area and obviously not turn the ball over. We just keep coming back to the same thing. We moved the ball, didn't punt much, but the turnovers obviously hurt us.

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