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Transcript: Caedan Wallace Draft Press Conference

Read the full transcript from Caedan Wallace's press conference on Friday, April 26, 2024.



APRIL 26, 2024

Q: We just got off the phone with Eliot Wolf, the Patriots' director of scouting. He expressed confidence that you could potentially play left tackle in the NFL. How confident would you be playing on the left side?

CW: Super confident. I play every position on the line. I am just excited to get there and learn from some great coaches and get after it.

Q: What was this night like for you? Who is with you and can you just take us through the moment when you got the call?

CW: Yeah, I am surrounded by family. I mean, it was just surreal and something I've been working towards my whole life. I am just crazy excited to be picked and be picked by the Patriots. It's just been a whirlwind of a day.

Q: I know that you had some meetings with the Patriots and came on a visit. Was there anything that was said during those meetings that made you feel like this could be the spot you end up in?

CW: I wouldn't say anything specifically, just really great talks all around. I just love the staff and learning under the staff. I'm excited.

Q: When was the last time you played left tackle in a game? We saw you played on the right side a lot at Penn State.

CW: In a game, it has been a while. I did a lot of work at the Shrine Bowl at left tackle, but super fluid. I am able to switch around at any position on the line, so I am confident wherever the coaches put me that I'll succeed.

Q: On your visit, did you have any interaction with Scott Peters, the offensive line coach? And if so, what did you take away from that?

CW: Yeah, we had a great meeting, and he seems like a really awesome coach. A lot of great tips that I just had no clue about, so I am just excited to get down there and really get under his wing and learn more.

Q: How would you describe your game and what are you hoping to prove in the NFL?

CW: I would just describe my game as physical and intelligent. I'm a baller and I can't wait to bring that to the League. I am just excited to get out there and learn more about the game and just grind.

Q: Reading your scouting reports, a lot of people were talking about the jump that you made in your final season in college. What was behind that? And maybe you can give us some insight into how you had so much success in 2022 against Michigan.

CW: To be honest, I am just a grinder. I love working. I love the game. I love figuring out new things about the game and how to improve my game. I am just locked in, I've been locked in, and this year everything came to fruition. I was able to tie everything together, learning these past few years.

Q: You had a lot of top-30 visits relatively late in the process. How would you describe what the activity was like, with the interest and involvement from teams around the league as we headed down the stretch toward the draft?

CW: I would say, pretty much throughout most of my process it was pretty high. I was able to talk to a lot of teams between the Shrine Bowl, the Combine, Pro Day, and things like that.

Q: You made the decision to play in the Shrine Bowl. A lot of players in your position might not have played in that Bowl game heading into the draft. What went into that decision for you and why was it important to be out there?

CW: I just love ball, so you tell me what field to play on, and tell me there are good coaches, I am going to go out there and ball.

Q: Who are your inspirations? Who are your idols? Who has helped you get to this point? And who have you modeled your game after?

CW: There are so many greats that I emulate my game after in the league. I mean, honestly, there are too many to name. We have legends like Trent Williams, Tyron Smith, Larry Allen, Terron Armstead, Ryan Ramczyk, all guys that I have been watching for years. I try to take aspects of their game and apply it to my game. It kind of works out for me.

Q: Eliot Wolf gave us a little tidbit into your background that your brother is an oyster scientist. Can you tell us a little more into what that entails?

CW: I'll have the man himself tell you, he's with me right here. (introduces his brother into the press conference)

Caedan Wallace's brother, Charles Wallace: Hey everybody, how are you doing? I'm Charles Wallace, and I'm finishing up my PhD right now at the University of Florida. I do oyster science and oyster management stuff. I study how people interact with the environment and specifically with oysters and oyster management. So, pretty cool stuff.

Q: (directed to Charles Wallace) If you had to describe your brother, how would you describe your brother?

Charles Wallace: He is a hard worker. He is a grinder. He is going to show up every day. He is going to give his all. And, he is creative. Football is a craft for him. It's an art. And I can't wait for him to paint a beautiful picture in New England.

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