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Transcript: Cameron McGrone Conference Call 5/1

Patriots fifth round draft pick Cameron McGrone addresses the media via conference call on Saturday, May 1, 2021.



May 1, 2021

Q: Take us through the day. Where have you been all day today and what was your reaction when you got the call?

CM: I'm back home in Indianapolis, Indiana, hanging out with my family, some of my family friends. Just the past few days I've been doing that, just patiently waiting for my name to finally get called, finally get that call. It's just a blessing, you know? Just all the hard work I put in and just to be around my people was just a blessing.

Q: What was your reaction to be drafted by the New England Patriots and have you been contacted by Josh Uche or Chase Winovich at this point?

CM: I was overcome with emotion. Like I said, just all the hard work put in to this point and to finally get my name called, it just means so much. Now getting the chance to be around some of my former teammates, that's going to mean a lot to me too. Just to see some familiar faces is a blessing. Josh hit me up just to tell me congratulations and same with Chase. Just overall a blessing.

Q: What do you bring to the Patriots?

CM: I feel like I bring a winning attitude, just that Patriot Way. I'm excited to get to work, just do everything that I'm needed to do at any point in time is what I'm ready to do.

Q: I know you're coming off an ACL tear. Where are you at with your rehab and how is that going for you?

CM: I'm feeling really great, just ready to get to work at this point. Just chipping away every day.

Q: Watching the draft so far, Kwity Paye, your teammate at Michigan, gets picked in the first round and he's a kid from New England. What was your reaction when you saw him get drafted and did it make you excited for the possibility of you getting selected in the draft as well?

CM: Oh yeah for sure. Just to see how he grinded, being around him every day for three years, to see all that work that he's put in and just knowing his story in general, I was just so proud of him and so happy for him to change his family's life. So, to see him get drafted, at that point I was just waiting on Jaylen, Jaylen Mayfield, waiting on my other teammates to get called, and I was just hopeful that my name would get called as well.

Q: We have some familiarity with Don Brown, one of your coaches from Michigan, because he's from Boston and coached in the area. What would you say you learned from him and how has he brought out the best in you?

CM: I really feel like I learned just so much from him. It's kind of hard to pinpoint one thing but really just how to be the best linebacker I can be, whether that's on the field or even off the field by studying film, really learning the game. I feel like he was the best for me in that part of my life. So yeah, Coach Don Brown, I'm forever grateful for him.

Q: How would you describe yourself as a player?

CM: I feel like I'm a player that will do what's asked whenever it's needed. Wherever I have to be for the team, I'll be there. Just an overall team player. I'm willing to sacrifice anything for the Patriots.

Q: How would you describe your playing style?

CM: Playing style? I feel like overall as a linebacker, I feel like I have the tools to be a pretty good linebacker – speed, all that. But like I said, whatever I'm needed to do, I can do it. So whatever plays need to be made out there I can make them, in any way possible.

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