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Transcript: DeMario Douglas Conference Call 4/29

New England Patriots sixth round draft pick DeMario Douglas addresses the media, Saturday, April 29.

Patriots WR – DeMario Douglas – 2023 Draft, Pick 192

Press Conference

April 29, 2023

Q: Demario, how you doing today? Congratulations.

DD: I'm doing great.

Q: What was that moment like when you get the call?

DD: It's surreal. It's a blessing. You know, being I'd say, lightly recruited out of high school. This has always been my dream since I was five, since I've been playing football. Then being able to be drafted, especially since St. Augustine is small and not a lot of people make it out of here. It's just a blessing.

Q: Unbelievable. I was reading about your recruiting. Tell me a little bit about your grandmother. It sounds like she was a really important person for you in your life.

DD: Right, oh yeah. My grandma and my mom, they are my backbone. They did a lot for me to be here in this position. I do this for them. They're my life.

Q: How would you describe your style of play?

DD: I'd say electric. If you would use one word, I'd say electric. I'd say I can do it all, play inside receiver, outside and then I also add value to special teams, punt return, kick return.

Q: How familiar are you with the Patriots organization and their history of speedy inside receivers?

DD: I've met the staff at East-West Shrine. I felt like I just knew how I got along so good with the staff. I'd say the staff did a great job of coaching me and making me already feel like I'm in the NFL as I was going through the process. So, I believe I'm home.

Q: Is there anyone you model your game after? Any receiver in the NFL you look up to?

DD: There's a couple. A lot of people like my height. There's one actually on the team. But he plays everywhere. I'd say Marcus Jones. I'd say Greg Dortch, Elijah Moore. A lot of people my build and that do the same thing. 

Q: Have you met Marcus Jones or just watched him from afar?

DD: I've watched him from afar since he was in college.

Q: What did you like about his game?

DD: He just can do it all. That's how I was in high school. In high school I played everything. I wish I could've done it in college, but hey. Then watching him actually do that at the highest level is amazing.

Q: Hey, Demario. Do you go by Demario or Pop? Which one do you prefer?

DD: Both. It's how you're feeling. Whatever you'd like to call me. I'm not too big on that. It's whatever you want to call me. A lot of people at home call me Pop.

Q: Okay. You talked about your experience at the Shrine Bowl working with the Patriots coaching staff. I just want to know what else you remember from those interactions and what your impressions of them were?

DD: I remember I had a punt return and Coach [Bill] Belichick told me keep the ball you know, like rubbing my muscles. Very coachable things that I definitely will be bringing to the Pats. Just what the coaching staff installed in me just for transitioning from college to the NFL.

Q: From watching your tape looks like you're pretty elusive after the catch. Where did you develop those skills to kind of avoid the bigger defenders out there?

DD: I'd say that was at a young age just playing outside with my closest friends, playing outside, playing football. You're just doing things that you've seen on TV. You realize you can actually do it. So, I've carried it on since a young age. I've been, I guess just getting better and better as I got older.

Q: Were there players that you remember watching or specific plays you remember seeing that made me want to emulate those moves?

DD: I used to watch Tavon Austin highlights all the time. He was elusive.

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