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Transcript: Rhamondre Stevenson Conference Call 5/1

Patriots fourth round draft pick Rhamondre Stevenson addresses the media via conference call on Saturday, May 1, 2021.



May 1, 2021

Q: Did you have any idea that the Patriots might draft you?

RS: It was totally a surprise to me actually.

Q: What is it like to officially be a member of the New England Patriots?

RS: It's a great feeling. It's a great feeling just knowing that I've got Bill Belichick as the head coach. I know he's a great coach, he's a genius and he loves what he does. I just know he's going to coach me hard as well as the other people on the coaching staff, so I'm just excited.

Q: How familiar are you with the Patriots history at running back and do you know any of the backs on the team right now?

RS: I'm pretty familiar with the running backs, the history of the running backs that the Patriots had. One that comes to mind is LeGarrette Blount. I loved his game and loved how north-and-south of a runner he was. I know J.J. Taylor, Sony Michel – not personally, but I watch their game, respect their game to the fullest. So I'm just glad to be in that room with them.

Q: What's it like reuniting with Ronnie Perkins and what kind of relationship did you have at Oklahoma?

RS: It's great being with my teammate. We built a bond in two years – I was at OU for two years and we built a very strong bond in two years. So that was really my guy, that's my right-hand, so it's crazy that we got drafted to the same team. We actually talked about this during the season, so it's crazy we manifested it and now we've just got to go to work.

Q: How much pride do you take in being a complete running back? It's kind of rare at this point in the college game to see a 230-pound running back with as many receptions as you had.

RS: Yes sir, I just know in the NFL you've got to be very versatile. So my versatility I take a lot of pride in. Just try to be a complete back, that's the main objective in my eyes and that's what I'm going to try to get done.

Q: What is your background on special teams?

RS: Yeah, I played a lot of kickoff in my days. I'm also familiar with punt, punt return, kick return. I played it all, but I have my most experience at kickoff. But I'm willing to do anything and I know the coach is going to put me in the right position.

Q: Earlier you mentioned that it was a surprise to be drafted by the Patriots. Why was it a surprise to you?

RS: Just because I've had more conversations with other teams other than the Patriots. So I think that's because the Patriots, they had a good idea on me. We had a great Zoom interview so I don't think they really needed to talk to me much. It was just a surprise because I haven't been communicating with them as much as other teams.

Q: How would you describe your playing style to people who haven't seen you play?

RS: I like to think that like I said earlier, I'm just a versatile back. I don't like to lose yards, so I just try to fall forward after contact, things like that. So no real description, I would just say versatile.

Q: When you met with the Patriots, was that with running backs coach Ivan Fears by any chance? And what did you think of him? He's a pretty big personality here in New England.

RS: Yeah, of course. Yeah it was the running backs coach and if I remember right, a few scouts. And it was just a normal Zoom meeting, just general questions and then they taught me some of their pass pro[tection] and tested me through it. And I got through it very smooth and they were glad I did it so fast and I understood what they were teaching me, things like that.

Q: The Patriots have at times in the past had rookie running backs sit for the majority of their rookie season and develop and then become more involved in the offense in their second season. Do you feel like you're ready to play right now or would you benefit from that kind of time behind the scenes?

RS: I can't wait to just get to the NFL and just learn how to train myself like a pro, learn the game, learn the install and just learn from the backs that have been in the NFL. They know how it goes, they have more games in the NFL than me. So I'm just ready to learn and I know that Coach will put me in the best position to do that and be successful whether it's sooner or later.

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