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Transcript: Robert Kraft on CBS

(Robert Kraft on planning for the season opener and welcoming back the all-time team)
We feel great to be able to honor these people that we've watched for five decades. Starting with your dad [Ron Burton], that first year, but I think the panel - which you're a member of - did a great job selecting the All-Time Team. But there was one glaring omission.

Steve Burton (SB):I know where you're going with this.

Robert Kraft:You know, we are fortunate to have our great Gino Cappelletti ... the iconic figure (who) has been around for decades. He's the offensive captain of this team, but the glaring omission is we didn't have a defensive captain. We've decided, [as] an executive privilege, there's only one player that would fit the needs of this position. He's played for this team for over 25 percent of its existence. He's an iconic figure and a classy guy. He's done what no other player has done in the NFL and we've decided that Tedy Bruschi will be the defensive captain of the All-Time Team, and he has honored us by agreeing to accept that award.

SB:Well it makes sense Robert, Bill Belichick called him the perfect player.

Robert Kraft:And the perfect player is going to be part of our 50-year team. We'll have a chance to honor him next Monday night here at halftime along with the other players. We have a great luncheon on Monday and a party at our house Sunday night. We're very excited that we are around, healthy and please God [may] we have another great 50 years.

SB:You're absolutely right and think about how special that Monday night game is going to be when you bring out Tedy Bruschi and Rodney Harrison. Guys, think about how loud this place is going to be.

Robert Kraft: Rodney is so excited to come back, as well as Troy Brown and just so many great players that we've watched over these last 50 years. I'm privileged to have been able to go to games every year, although I still think I'm 28. But it's a great treat for our family and the entire New England Patriots community to be able to honor them next Monday night.

SB:And against the Buffalo Bills. As T.O. [Terrell Owens] would say, 'Get your popcorn ready.'

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