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Trey Flowers releases Trey the Seal into the wild

Photo courtesy of Mystic Aquarium

Two Treys hit the beach on Tuesday morning, taking in the ocean view in Charlestown, R.I. One stood at 6 feet 2 inches tall, a Super Bowl Champion.

The other was a seal. 

Mystic Aquarium names the rehabilitated seals in its care according to a different theme each year, and this year the theme was flowers. Instead of Rose, Lily or Petunia, the aquarium decided to name one harbor seal for Trey, and on Tuesday, the pair came face to face, as Trey the Human helped to release Trey the Seal back into the ocean. 

Trey the Seal was taken in by the crew at Mystic Aquarium in December when she was found stranded on Long Island with wounds on her neck and body, according to Stranding Coordinator Janelle Schuh. Through rehabilitation, Trey made a full recovery and is the first rehabbed seal to be released this year. 


After meeting, snapping some selfies and getting acquainted, Trey the Seal made her return to the open water with the help of her namesake. Trey opened the kennel, and after poking her head out of the crate to take a look around, she quickly climbed out and moved across the sand.

"I think she was just ready to get home," Trey said. "I don't blame her."


As she made her way down the beach, Trey cheered on the seal, offering positive encouragement, and after pausing to look out over the ocean, she dove into the waves, bobbed nearby and was off.


Though the meeting was brief, Trey said the whole experience was one he would remember and talk about to his teammates. 

"It's definitely kind of random, unique and rare, but I'm going to tell them it's cool," Trey said. "I don't know any teammates of mine that have an animal named after them, so I have the upper hand on that."


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