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Two Bill Belichick rule change proposals to be revisited

An update on New England's rule change proposals.

PHOENIX – NFL teams began voting on 23 proposed changes to the rule book on Tuesday at the league's Annual Meeting. All three proposals submitted by the Patriots came up for debate and two were shelved for the time being.

With regard to one of those two, the buzzword this week has been "cost," that price could be an obstacle to passage of head coach Bill Belichick's idea for fixed cameras in the end zone area and all boundary lines to aid in replay reviews. When the proposal came to a vote, teams elected to give the NFL clearance to research the idea further. Not an all-out rejection, which had been the sense earlier. So, in a way, a minor victory for Belichick and the Patriots.

Teams representatives also decided to put off a decision on Belichick's proposal  to move the extra point line of scrimmage to the 15-yard line. Both of these items could be discussed and voted on again at the next league gathering later this spring.

Meanwhile, according to NFL Network, New England's head coach gave "a passionate defense" of his proposal to allow coaches to challenge all non-scoring plays, and that while the measure didn't pass, it was not by an overwhelming margin. "It's gaining steam," the report went on to state.

The Annual Meeting wraps up on Wednesday, although many participants have already left or plan to before the official close around midday.

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