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Ty Warren Press Conf. Transcript - 05/01/2003

Warren: Yes, this is my team. This is my favorite team.



Q: Have you played up here at all or spent any time in New England?

TW: No. I have never played here. Most of my experience in college was around the South and Western region.

Q: Do you have any relatives on this side of the map?

TW: My grandmother had an aunt that stays in Washington DC and I have a cousin that stays in New York.

Q: What was life like growing up in Bryan? How many people live in Bryan?

TW: Bryan and College Station together maybe 400,000.

Q: Did you go there (Texas A&M) because it was close?

TW: Because it was the best situation for me and my family. Financially they could come and see me and in regards to me going to USC or Tennessee, everybody wouldn't be able to come and see me like they did at Texas A&M.

Q: You weren't in the Corps of Cadets?

TW: No. Football was pretty much a full-time job for me there.

Q: Is any of this overwhelming for you?

TW: It's different but I can adjust to it.

Q: How about the weather? Will you adjust to playing in the winter?

TW: That is something that I have to adjust to. I mentioned earlier, as long as I am moving around I will be fine. They have enough gadgets around here to keep me warm, so I will be fine.

Q: You played with Rocky Bernard?

TW: Yes, I did.

Q: Did you talk to him at all about the NFL?

TW: He said some things [about] what went on when he went up to Seattle, so that has been kind of vital to me in my transition here the NFL.

Q: Did he give you any specific advice?

TW: He just told me some things about plays, practice, time spent, little things like that.

Q: What did he say that surprised you?

TW: Something that we did at A&M in practice we did a lot of hitting and something that he told me goes on here in the league and didn't go on at A&M, that there is not as much contact. I was thinking about that and he mentioned 'well there is some.' He explained how teams look at you as an investment, so they try their best to take care of you.

Q: It's a very long season.

TW: Yes, it is.

Q: Do you think this will be fun? Do you think it will be scary?

TW: No, it's not scary. It's some of the same guys I play against in college so there's nothing scary about it. Football is something that I love playing and I am sure when you get a chance to see me play you will see me out there having fun with the team doing what I do.

Q: Have you met any of your teammates?

TW: I met Willie McGinest and [Richard] Seymour and [Jarvis] Green.

Q: Do you have any sense that you will attach yourself to Seymour?

TW: I will be looking up to him and all of the guys that have been here doing this for a while. I am just a rookie coming in and I don't know Jack from Jill right now. What I do plan on doing is coming in and looking for information from those guys in order to help my game and my transition. I will be looking to those guys for help.

Q: Are you planning on moving your whole family up here?

TW: Yes. When I come up here I look at it as a job. I don't look forward to anything else but coming up here playing and working out and anything I need to do to be one of the best in this league someday.

Q: Which year did you enjoy the most? At nose tackle or the one where you played end?

TW: I enjoyed all of them, honestly.

Q: It doesn't matter to you?

TW: No, it doesn't matter. All of those positions in a 3-4 scheme as far as the end, nose tackle and the right and left end, it's all interior it just happens a little quick at the nose.

Q: Do you feel like you didn't have an opportunity to show what you could do at A&M with all the injuries?

TW: I've had some injuries in the past but I have played with them and I look forward to having a better career here in the NFL than I did in college.

Q: In years past did you watch the draft?

TW: Yes, I have watched the draft a long time. As far as I can remember when I understood what the draft was I have been watching for a while.

Q: Were you a pro football fan?

TW: I didn't have any particular team I watched all the time. I know a lot of my friends were Cowboys fans. I didn't have a team. I was one of those guys that sat and watched the team that had the big named guy, like they had Reggie White playing [I would say] 'I'm watching Reggie White play.' That is who I am keying in on. I never had a favorite team or anything like that.

Q: But you have one now, don't you?

TW: Yes, this is my team. This is my favorite team.

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