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Un-fog-gettable night in Foxboro

Photo by David Silverman 

When it comes to New England weather, you can never know what to expect. It can snow in April, be scorching hot in late October or, in the case of Sunday, a thick, unrelenting fog can descend upon a football stadium.

Early in Sunday's game against the Falcons, folks at Gillette Stadium noticed a light fog rolling in, and as the game went on, a perfect night for football turned into antic-filled game viewing. And of course, Twitter took note of the unusual circumstances surrounding the Sunday Night Football game.

Before kickoff, all signs pointed to it being a beautiful fall night. 

Mother Nature had other plans, though. Things changed quickly. 

From the Gillette Stadium press box, it became difficult -- then near impossible -- to see the action of the game. The view from home was clouded too.  

The fog takeover dominated conversations during the game, and as we found out Monday morning, it wasn't going anywhere. 

To be honest, we're still a little foggy from Sunday night. At least we have the light of a win (and a lighthouse) to guide us through.  

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