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Unfiltered Notebook 11/2: Pats will keep fighting

The Patriots put the Bills loss to rest on Monday as they vowed to keep their focus on what they can control.


The Patriots were regrouping on Monday after another tough loss that saw the team unable to make the final plays to break their losing streak. Despite their 2-5 record, head coach Bill Belichick continued to have his short-term focus placed squarely on this new week of preparation and the New York Jets.

"The situation we're in is that we play the Jets this week and that's what we can do this week, is we can have a good week and prepare for the Jets and do everything we can to win," said Belichick on Monday afternoon via Webex.

Meanwhile quarterback Cam Newton remained confident in his hard-working team. 

"It's a bunch of guys who are giving supreme effort," said Newton to the Greg Hill Show on WEEI on Monday morning. "I think everybody in that locker room knows what we can potentially be and what we're capable of being, it just takes 53 guys believing and understanding and doing their given job each and every day.""

The end-of-game fumble overshadowed what was a pretty good bounce-back performance for Newton. Until that point, the Patriots were on track to avoid turning the ball over for the first time this season. Then it all came unraveled in the blink of a forced fumble.

"I feel like each week is a different learning tool," said Newton. "For me a thing that I harp on myself is just playing 60 minutes of all focus. Not 59 minutes and 30 seconds. 60 full minutes.

"Just one play can just alter a person's feel for the whole overall game and that's just unfortunate, but that's what this game is. Nobody cares how much you put in throughout the week, they just care about the end-of-the-week production."

The veteran captains echoed Newton's confidence and were even encouraged after breaking down the film on Monday.

"We did a lot of good things, need to do a little better, but really encouraged by what we saw on tape," said Andrews. "I really think that two weeks of practice are paying off."

"Guys are going to keep fighting," said James White. "We made plays. We know we're capable of going out there and having good performances, we just have to be more consistent, start fast and just execute for four quarters."

Belichick: Beau Allen done for year

With Lawrence Guy getting hurt in the second half against the Bills, the Patriots run defense took a major blow. Guy was easily most valuable player in the defensive front and his absence was glaring as the Bills put up three scoring drives in the second half, largely running over Guy's replacements.

There was hope that veteran free agent Beau Allen would be able to eventually complement Guy, especially with rising injury concerns, but Bill Belichick said on Monday that Allen would not play this season despite returning to practice two weeks ago.

"Beau won't play this year," said Belichick. "He just won't be ready."

Allen was hurt before any of the open practices this summer and was seen just once, during an in-stadium walk-through of what a game day was like. Players have three weeks once they begin practicing after returning from IR before the team must place them on the active roster or end their season. It appears Allen will bow out this week.

It's hard to say that losing a player who's never played a down for the team is a big blow, but the Patriots really needed Allen this season, even more so in recent weeks as the run defense has been gashed for over 190 yards in two-straight contests.

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