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Update: Texans prepare for draft

Phase One of the NFL offseason is quickly approaching as the Houston Texans will choose from a pool of players in the expansion draft on Monday.

Phase One of the NFL offseason is quickly approaching as the Houston Texans will choose from a pool of players in the expansion draft on Monday.

Texans General Manager Charlie Casserly said he plans to stock his team with "quality over quantity" but added that he will avoid selecting players over the age of 30. Casserly has the option of taking a minimum of 30 players or enough to comprise 38 percent of the available room under the salary cap. In Houston's situation, that 38 percent translates to about $27 million on the 2002 financial books.

Look for the Texans to opt for the latter route. This year's free agent crop isn't particularly deep or talented, meaning if Casserly expects to supply Head Coach Dom Capers with much in the way of established NFL talent, the expansion draft is the best place to get it.

Also, recent history with Jacksonville, Carolina and Cleveland suggests the quantity method of selecting from the various discarded players is fruitless.

There are several intriguing names for the Texans to pick from, with many teams using their expansion lists in an effort to rid themselves of contracts in an effort to gain salary cap relief. The decision for Casserly and the Texans will be who is worth risking the money on.

Here's a position-by-position look at some players under the age of 30 likely to gain interest:

Charlie Batch Detroit 27
Rob Johnson Buffalo 28

Running backs
Jamal Anderson Atlanta 29
Tim Biakabutuka Carolina 28
Reuben Droughns Detroit 23
Autry Denson Chicago 25

Wide receiver
Troy Edwards Pittsburgh 24
Jermaine Lewis Baltimore 27
Will Blackwell Pittsburgh 26

Tight ends
Freddie Jones San Diego 27
Hunter Goodwin Miami 29

Offensive line
Tony Boselli Jacksonville 29
Ryan Young N.Y. Jets 25
Brad Badger Minnesota 27
Matt Campbell Washington 29

Defensive line
Tim Bowens Miami 29
Gary Walker Jacksonville 29
Kenny Holmes N.Y. Giants 28
Marcus Jones Tampa Bay 28
Josh Taves Oakland 29
Robert Newkirk Chicago 24

Jamie Sharper Baltimore 27
Brad Jackson Baltimore 27
K.D. Williams Green Bay 28

Defensive backs
Marcus Coleman N.Y. Jets 27
Aaron Glenn N.Y. Jets 29
Jeff Burris Indianapolis 29
Sam Garnes N.Y. Giants 27
Raion Hill Buffalo 25
Terrance Shaw New England 28
Robert Tate Minnesota 28

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