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Vereen clears up 'step up' comment

Shane Vereen seems quite happy having landed in New York after four years in New England.

Shane Vereentook full advantage of free agency to land a reported three-year deal for $12 million with the Giants.

Coming off his first healthy season, the former second-round pick took advantage of his hot stock after an 11-catch performance in Super Bowl XLIX to cash in on the open market.

In an exclusive interview with, Vereen said moving on to New York was the best thing for him and his entire family. But in praising his new home, he likely unintentionally took a slight jab at his former employer that probably won't sit well with some.

"It's just a decision for my family," Vereen said in the video on "At the end of the day, I wanted to make a decision that was right for us, right for them. This is a great organization. I was fortunate enough to play in New England with another great organization, and this is no slouch. This is not a step down. If anything, it's a step up. I'm looking forward to the opportunity, and I'm enjoying being in New York."

Vereen took to Twitter (@shanevereen34), to thank the Patriots for his time in New England and clear up what his "step up" comment was in reference to. 

The third-down back also had plenty of good things to say about beginning his career playing for Bill Belichick in the video.

Vereen will face his former team at MetLife Stadium this fall.

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