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Vereen takes down Sherman in Madden

The Patriots already came out on top over Seattle once this week, as Shane Vereen got the better of Richard Sherman in a game of Madden 15 on Xbox One at the Phoenix Convention Center on Tuesday.

Vereen laughed about his "accomplishment" during the Patriots media availability on Wednesday.

"I'm glad I was able to be a part of it," Vereen began. "Don't beat him the way I did in Madden. I tried some very risky things, some of them worked some of them didn't work.

"Vereen was asked about his strategy and whether he decided to use an offense featuring a certain No. 34."They didn't update the rosters so I couldn't," Vereen said with a smile. "I tried to force-feed myself when I was in a couple times but you can only do so much."

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