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Vereen takes down Sherman in Madden

Shane Vereen got the best of Richard Sherman in a game of Madden 15 and offered some of his unorthodox strategies.

The Patriots already came out on top over Seattle once this week, as Shane Vereen got the better of Richard Sherman in a game of Madden 15 on Xbox One at the Phoenix Convention Center on Tuesday.

Vereen laughed about his "accomplishment" during the Patriots media availability on Wednesday.

"I'm glad I was able to be a part of it," Vereen began. "Don't beat him the way I did in Madden. I tried some very risky things, some of them worked some of them didn't work.

"Vereen was asked about his strategy and whether he decided to use an offense featuring a certain No. 34."They didn't update the rosters so I couldn't," Vereen said with a smile. "I tried to force-feed myself when I was in a couple times but you can only do so much."

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