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Watch Martellus Bennett take a pie to the face

Whipped cream pies flying in the faces of celebrities and kids alike is a Nickelodeon staple and honor, and this week, Martellus Bennett took a pie like a champ.

Marty was brought into the "Double Dare Challenge" by Nickelodeon, and like so many internet competitions before it, the Double Dare Challenge requires participants to post a video of the act to Twitter. And we're eternally grateful for that. 

What better way to honor the classic Nickelodeon television show knows for sloppy obstacle courses and yuck-tastic physical challenges than with an ever-messy whipped cream pie? Answer: There is no better way.

Double Dare is celebrating its 30th anniversary on Nov. 23 with a reunion special. The challenge has been bringing back fond memories for those who remember the show in its prime and generating excitement for a whole new audience that has never seen a contestant run on a human-sized hamster wheel or grab a flag on the "Sundae Slide." 

Marty joins the likes of former NSYNC members Joey Fatone and Lance Bass, Mario Lopez and current and former Nickelodeon stars. Here's to hoping a certain "Crashletes" co-host joins his teammate in whipped cream glory.


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