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Waterboys raises money for 'Super Bowl' well in one week

Chris Long's organization, Waterboys, raised enough money for its 17th well over the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

The week leading up to the Super Bowl is a chaotic time. With nonstop events, practices and media coverage, there is a lot to take in, yet through the fun and the madness, pure good shined brightly for one Patriot.

From the time between the Patriots flight to Houston and their triumphant return, Chris Long's Waterboys initiative raised enough money to fund its 17th well, fittingly dubbed the "Super Bowl well." Earlier this season, Patriots fans funded their own well, the 15th for the organization, and the Patriots well site will be in Meirugoi Village in Tanzania. 

This time, fans from all over raised the necessary $45,000 in the days leading up to the big game, and even managed to fund 20 percent of the 18th Waterboys well, according to the organization. The Super Bowl well site will be located at Ranch Village in Tanzania. The previous water source for the community of more than 3,000 stopped producing about nine months ago, and they now have to walk eight miles to get water. 

Chris said while winning the Super Bowl was incredible, knowing that fans supported his cause at the same time made it that much better. 

"Winning the Super Bowl was one of the greatest moments of my life, but to cap it all of with enough funds to build our 17th well is surreal," Chris said through the organization. "I am eternally grateful to all of the fans that came together to support me during my Super Bowl journey and help further the mission of Waterboys." 

The organization is dedicated to raising money to providing clean water wells to villages in East Africa. To learn more about Waterboys, check out their website here


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