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We give this Texas student's Patriots homework an A+

Photo courtesy of China Stanley

Sometimes there is no wrong answer on a homework assignment, but some answers still exceed others -- especially when Tom Brady is involved. 

Jesse Stanley, a second grader from China Spring, Texas, drew inspiration from the GOAT when it came to a homework assignment this week. The assignment had students create their own monuments or landmarks, and Jesse, a huge Patriots fan who often rocks his Brady jersey to school, decided his landmark would celebrate the Patriots Super Bowl LI win. 


"Tom Brady the GOAT" is Jesse's appropriately named landmark, and a sketch of the design shows Tom holding his hands up in victorious celebration with the words "Never Give Up" enshrined on the base. 

Jesse's mom China found the adorable assignment in her son's folder, and it was too perfect not to share. 

Though Jesse is in the minority as a Patriots fan in Texas, he stands strongly with his team, and it is clear the Patriots mean a great deal to him. One of the homework's final questions asks why this monument is important, and Jesse wrote that Tom and the Patriots help "to remember to never give up."

Consider this an A+ in our book. 


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