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We'll take "Great Patriots Coaches" for $800, Alex

Coach Bill Belichick was featured on "Jeopardy!" Thursday night.

Photo by Keith Nordstrom 

What do Coach Bill Belichick and "Schoolhouse Rock" have in common? Before Thursday night, not much, but now the two are forever bonded as part of a "Jeopardy!" answer.

Just a few months after Julian Edelman was featured on the long-running quiz show, Alex Trebek and his crew brought the Patriots back into the mix. In a first-round category called, "Our Office Fantasy Football Team Names," the $800 clue read: "'I'm Just A' Him, the Patriots head coach who won at least 10 games a season from 2003 to 2015."

Their answer was a no-brainer for Patriots Nation, and it proved to be pretty easy for the contestants, as well. One rang in instantly with the correct response of, "Who is Bill Belichick?" The fantasy football team name in the clue is also a nod to one of "Schoolhouse Rock's" classic educational songs, "I'm Just a Bill."

As far as creative fantasy football team name goes, that one's not half bad, Alex. 


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