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What song gets Tom Brady pumped up? New Facebook video reveals guilty pleasure

Tom Brady reveals which song gets him in the zone.

What music does Tom Brady blast to get pumped up? 

Is it "Crazy Train?" Nope. Is it ACDC? Wrong. Is it a remix of the classic 90s jam "What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes? Why, yes. Yes, it is. 

Tom again graced our Facebook newsfeeds Thursday, giving the conch shell a rest and showing us a peek inside his pump-up playlist. While there is little doubt "What's Up" is a guilty pleasure for many, Tom owns it.

To block out what sounds like construction, Tom puts his headphones on and drifts into the zone to the tune of a techno version of the song. Clearly content with his choice, he leans back in his chair, puts his hands on his head and soaks in glory of the music. 

And for all the fans that have been secretly bumping the original tune since 1992, feel free to admit your love openly. If Tom can come clean, we all can. 

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