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What They're Saying: Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers coaches and players comment on their upcoming game against the New England Patriots.

On playing the Patriots...

"Great quarterback, great receivers, just a great team overall. It's going to be a big challenge for us, but it's not anything we're not ready for."
- Panthers CB Kevon Seymour

"If we can shore up some of the mental errors we have, I feel very confident going up to New England and matching up with these guys."
- Panthers S Kurt Coleman


On Tom Brady...

"He still makes great decisions. He's still as good as ever."
- Panthers head coach Ron Rivera

"We have to pressure him. One thing you can't allow is for him to get comfortable back there. He's a tremendous football player. He truly understands what they do. He's got a group of receivers that have the ability to make things happen, which you see when you put on the tape. This is a very good football team."
- Panthers head coach Ron Rivera

On Rob Gronkowski...

"He's big. He's strong. He goes up and catches the ball. I think he is a weapon that I'm sure Tom loves to use. He's open even when he's not open. Obviously, it helps to have a quarterback that can put the ball exactly where it needs to be. He's got big, strong hands. He can block. He can run routes and he's big and physical. He an elite tight end in this league and I think he deserves to be called that."
- Panthers LB Luke Kuechly

On the Patriots offense...

"You don't know what to expect. Are they going to run the ball a lot? Are they going to dink and dunk it to their running backs? Are they going to throw underneath routes or throw the ball down field? I think that's what makes them difficult because you don't know what to expect. They do a good job of getting matchups they like and that are favorable to them. Matchups change every week and they do too."
- Panthers LB Luke Kuechly

On the Patriots defense...

"They're a heck of a defense. They've got talent around the board. They play hard. They play fast. They're disciplined. They have a bunch of different formations. We're playing a great team. It's really about us and how we execute and how we come together as a unit. We need to do the things we know we're capable of."
- Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey


On the Patriots running backs...

"They've got something for everything and I think that is what makes them so unique. They've got guys that can run the ball. They've got guys that can catch the ball. They've got guys that can run jet sweeps and they've got guys that can do both. We played James White in the preseason last year . He's a stud obviously. He made some great plays in the Super Bowl. Gillislee is a big, physical guy that can get the ball downhill and pound on guys. Dion Lewis is a problem in space. You get him out in swing routes and screens. He can run the ball up inside too. Burkhead is a challenge as well. It makes it difficult because you have to know who's in at all times. We have to have our eyes open and see who's coming into the game at all times."
- Panthers LB Luke Kuechly

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