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What They're Saying: Coaches react to Patriots signings

At the recent NFC Coaches Breakfast in Boca Raton, Florida we caught up with several coaches to get their thoughts on the Patriots offseason acquisitions.

Bruce Arians on Jonathan Cooper: "He's still the athlete that we drafted and he was in a spread - zone scheme and it is so much to learn as a young offensive lineman in the NFL. Putting the weight back on was one, strength issues, and then the bad luck of one leg injury after another. But I think that he is still going to be one heck of a player."

Jeff Fisher on Chris Long: "[He's] really consistent day in and day out over the years. [He] loved to come to work, always had a great attitude, playful, jokes around the right way, works hard. When has was 100% healthy he was really, really good for us."

Jay Gruden on Frank Kearse: "He's a big active body, so big guys that can move a little bit are hard to find and I think Frank is one of those guys, and I think he'll do good in New England."

John Fox on Martellus Bennett: "Very talented, I think a big body, good in-line blocker. I think in their case when you start looking at who they can put him next to, I'm sure that excited them. I have not really talked to Bill (Belichick) at length about how he's going to play him or what they are going to do with him. He's got skins on the wall. He's had good production.  He's had good production here in Chicago."

John Fox on Shea McClellin: "Shea's probably an arrow-up guy. I mean I think we settled him into inside linebacker. Historically, Bill (Belichick) and Matt [Patricia] up in New England, they like those guys that can play both and can confuse at times the opponent. But I think that he is a smart, tough guy. He's young. As we signed those other two [tight ends], we kind of just ran out of room. But whether it's Martellus (Bennett), Matt Forte, any guys you've coached; you wish them nothing but the best. Sometimes it's good for guys to have a change."

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