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What we learned about Terrance Knighton from his Twitter

New England sports are embedded in Terrance Knighton's DNA and other facts we learned from his Twitter.

Terrance Knighton — Twitter (MisterRoast98): Me and the legend @wilfork75
Terrance Knighton — Twitter (MisterRoast98): Me and the legend @wilfork75

Terrance Knighton is new to the New England Patriots, landing with the team earlier this week. Like many NFLers, Terrance is active on Twitter, engaging fans and revealing who "Pot Roast" is off the field. 

In 140 characters or less, Terrance talks New England sports, dogs and holiday fashion. Here is some of what we learned from Pot Roast's social media account. 


Though Terrance has bounced from Jacksonville to Denver to Washington, landing in New England is a bit of a homecoming. The former Washington Redskin is a natural born New Englander, living in Hartford, Conn., and attending Windsor High School. 

While parts of Connecticut can swing to support New York sports teams, Terrance's allegiance aligns with his new home in the NFL. He roots for Boston clubs – namely the Celtics and the Red Sox – and isn't shy about his support on Twitter.

He even has the notorious confidence of a Boston sports fan on lock. With the Red Sox 2016 opener on April 4 postponed due to weather, Terrance said what all Boston fans were thinking. 

Well before he signed with the Patriots, Terrance has been playing for New England … well, kind of. If he can perform as well in a three-dimensional Pats uniform as he can in a Madden NFL Pats uniform, fans will be happy.


Terrance and his puppy Jigga are close buds, and the kinship is well documented in photos he shares. Jigga was welcomed into the Knighton clan in September.

Since then, the two have created a bond that can't be matched. From car rides to struggling with post-surgery cones, the doggy BFF clearly takes up a lot of space in Terrance's heart.


Don't even try to beat Terrance's ugly sweater game. With personalized pictures at the center of the tacktastic wreaths, you don't stand a chance. 

Even Jigga gets in on the holiday attire. 

Luckily, Patriots fans have Twitter to become acquainted with Terrance during the offseason. It'll be just a few short months until New England can welcome one of its own back on the field.  

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