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What We Learned from Chris Long's Twitter Q+A

Patriot Chris Long took questions from fans via Twitter on Tuesday. This is what we learned.

It's always fun to get to chat with our favorite players and ask the questions fans have been dying to know. To celebrate the Patriots first Thursday Night Football game streaming on Twitter, Chris Long, an amateur expert on the platform, took time after practice on Tuesday to answer Patriots Nation's most burning questions.

Fans' inquiries ranged from his favorite WWE superstar (Stone Cold Steve Austin with Ric Flair a very distant second), to his favorite actor (Danny McBride). With a couple of cameos from familiar faces, Chris had help answering fans' toughest questions.

If he weren't a football player, he would probably be…

The team's in-house comedian is… not Gronk?

When it comes to basketball, he's rooting for…

And soccer?

He would totally do his own stunts in a remake of one of his dad's movies.

When it comes to rivalries, there's far too much love between he and his brother Kyle.

If you want to check out  his other answers to your fellow fans' questions, be sure to check out the Patriots Twitter account. And, if you won't be able to catch the game on your TV, you cantune in here on Thursday at 8 p.m.


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