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What we learned from storytime with James White

The New England running back read two books to children at the Patriots Hall of Fame to launch the Read Between the Lines program on Wednesday before taking some questions.

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The New England Patriots Hall of Fame and Patriots Foundation have teamed up again for Read Between the Lines, with running back James White present for the program's launch Wednesday.

From training camp in the summer until the Super Bowl, participants complete reading logs and challenges to earn points and monthly prizes each year.

White read two stories to a group of about 70 children to kick things off, starting with "Let's Go, Patriots!" by Aimee Aryal and finishing the reading session with "Our Diversity Makes Us Stronger" by Elizabeth Cole before taking a handful of questions from the audience.

Here's what we learned from the three-time Super Bowl Champion during the event:

His favorite book is "Uncommon Life" by Tony Dungy

"I actually need to finish it, but that was a cool book. He just talked about him, coaching, and raising kids. I'm kind of in a similar situation playing football and starting to raise my own kids, so it was cool to see his side and his perspective on life. I need to finish it."

His creative writing teacher in high school came up with his nickname

"We actually still have a pretty good relationship to this day. He's actually the one who came up with my nickname, 'Sweet Feet.' We have a really cool relationship."

His favorite game to play in was Super Bowl LI against the Atlanta Falcons

"Just getting the opportunity to play in the game, I wanted to do whatever it took to help my team win the football game. I knew I had a lot of opportunities to make some plays... I said I wanted to expend all the energy possible to help my team and it just so happened that I scored the game-winning touchdown."

He has big plans for life after football

"After being hurt last year I had a lot of time to sit and think, not playing football and being around my family. I'll probably get into coaching or broadcasting, maybe even do radio. Maybe I'll open my own shoe store, I love shoes."

His favorite teammate is a fellow running back

"My favorite teammate? It's tough. Every year you have different teammates. Right now, I'd say it has to be Damien Harris. Just getting to know him, this will be his fourth year, just getting to know him and see how much he's grown as a player, as a person, has been really cool. We've gotten really close."

If he didn't play football, he'd probably be working in sports

Going into college I wanted to get into business. I wanted to be a businessman or an accountant, but after taking some of those college courses that kind of shifted my mind. It was pretty difficult. But my dream job would be something in sports -- like an athletic trainer or a strength coach or a football coach.

What is his favorite color?

Growing up my favorite color was green. Right now? Yellow is kind of my new favorite color.

Football isn't the only sport he loves

"I played baseball through high school and I played basketball growing up as well. My favorite sport that isn't football would have to be baseball."

How does he celebrate a big win?

"I eat a good meal and I go to sleep."

To learn more about the Read Between the Lines program click here.

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