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'Wheel of Fortune' contestant blanks on Patriots answer

Patriots Nation was screaming at its collective TV when a "Wheel of Fortune" contestant botched his response.

Patriots fans are used to cheering at their TV during football season, but this week, members of Patriots Nation were screaming at their screens as they watched a "Wheel of Fortune" throw away an easy puzzle about their team.

In a recent episode of the game show, the contestants were given a clue in the category of "Headlines," and a contestant named Scott bought his Ps, which put him in a position to solve. With much of the clue nearly spelled out, he got most of the answer, but two letters made all the difference.

"Patriots win their sixth Super Bowl," Scott said.

So close, yet so far. Luckily, a second contestant swept in to remind the world the Patriots are five-time Super Bowl Champions.

While the Patriots don't have six Super Bowls to their name, we liked where this contestant's mind was. You can check out the clip in the video below.

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