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Why you should never rent a video game to Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman still has a video game he rented ... from 2004.

One is year is equal to seven dog years, and one week is equivalent to 12 Edelman years. 

Julian recently discovered a video game he rented back in 2004 that is, uh, a bit overdue. He pulled the Blockbuster skeleton out of his closet and confessed via Instagram that he has held on to a copy of Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow from the now extinct rental chain for more than a decade.

This admission of guilt comes just a week after a man in North Carolina was arrested for failing to return a VHS for 14 years. Patriots fans everywhere are certainly hoping Julian will evade a similar fate.

The Xbox game now runs buyers anywhere from a whopping $3 to $6, so selling it won't chip away at much of the debt Julian has surely accumulated in late fees.

We just have one question: was the game really *that *good? 

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