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With a record 33 trades, NFL draft a swap meet

One thing about an NFL draft with this many trades: There were that many players that teams just simply had to have. This year, more than ever, teams were willing to make aggressive moves to jump the line and snag the player they really wanted.

NEW YORK -- One thing about an NFL draft with this many trades: There were that many players that teams just simply had to have.

This year, more than ever, teams were willing to make aggressive moves to jump the line and snag the player they really wanted. A record 33 trades were made Saturday and Sunday as NFL teams tried to assemble winning rosters for the 2008 season and beyond.

"It's not something you go in saying, 'We have to do something' for the sake of doing it,'" St. Louis player personnel director Billy Devaney said. "As the draft unfolds, that's going to dictate what your approach is going to be."

The first player to inspire a move up was defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis, whom New Orleans moved up from No. 10 to take seventh overall. One day, almost 14 hours and 32 deals later, the Saints made the draft's last deal, too, moving up to take Michigan wide receiver Adrian Arrington with the 237th pick.

In between, Radio City Music Hall was a veritable bazaar, as draft picks from this year, next year and even a couple of players already on rosters were swapped for picks. Most notably, the Tennessee Titans sent troubled defensive back Adam "Pacman" Jones to Dallas for a fourth-rounder they turned into Cal receiver Lavelle Hawkins, as well as a 2009 sixth-rounder.

"First of all, let me just say thanks to Pacman Jones because if it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't be a Tennessee Titan so thank you, Pacman Jones," Hawkins said.

Baltimore traded picks for a defensive back, too, sending its fourth-round slot to Oakland for Fabian Washington.

In all, teams exchanged 15 percent of the picks they had to trade. If the 32 compensatory picks (a full round's worth) had been tradable, it's almost certain some of those would have changed hands, too.

There was so much wheeling and dealing going on, the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns wound up trading for their own picks, reacquiring their original positions after trading them away.

Here is a rundown of the 33 trades that took place during the draft weekend:


*1, New England traded its first- (No.7) and fifth-round (No. 164) picks to New Orleans for the Saints' first- (No. 10) and third-round (No. 78) picks. New Orleans selected Sedrick Ellis, dt, Southern California and Carl Nicks, ot, Nebraska. New England selected Jerod Mayo, lb, Tennessee and Shawn Crable, lb, Michigan.

*2, Baltimore traded its first-round (No. 8) pick to Jacksonville for the Jaguars' first- (No. 26); two third- (No. 71) and (No. 89) and fourth-round (No. 125) picks. Jacksonville selected Derrick Harvey, de, Florida. Baltimore traded No. 26 and No. 89 to Houston; selected Tavares Gooden, lb, Miami and traded No. 125 to Oakland.

*3, Detroit traded its first- (No. 15) and third-round (No. 76) picks to Kansas City for the Chiefs' first- (No. 17), third- (No. 66) and fifth-round (No. 136) picks. Kansas City selected Branden Albert, g, Virginia and Brad Cottam, te, Tennessee. Detroit selected Gosder Cherilus, ot, Boston College; traded No. 66 to Miami and selected Kenny Moore, wr, Wake Forest.

*4, Houston traded its first-round (No. 18) pick to Baltimore for the Ravens' first- (No. 26); third- (No. 89) and sixth-round (No. 173) picks. Baltimore selected Joe Flacco, qb, Delaware. Houston selected Duane Brown, ot, Virginia Tech; Steve Slaton, rb, West Virginia and Dominique Barber, db, Minnesota.

*5, Philadelphia traded its first-round (No. 19) pick to Carolina for the Panthers' second-(No. 43); fourth- (No. 109) and 2009 first-round picks. Carolina selected Jeff Otah, ot, Pittsburgh. Philadelphia traded No. 43 to Minnesota and selected Michael McGlynn, g, Pittsburgh.

*6, Washington traded its first- (No. 21); third- (No. 84) and fifth-round (No. 154) picks to Atlanta for the Falcons' two second- (No. 34) and (No. 48) and fourth-round (No. 103) picks. Atlanta selected Sam Baker, ot, Southern California; Harry Douglas, wr, Louisville and Kroy Biermann. Washington selected Devin Thomas, wr, Michigan State; Fred Davis, te, Southern Cal and traded No. 103 to Tennessee.

*7, Seattle traded its first-round (No. 25) pick to Dallas for the Cowboys' first- (No. 28); fifth- (No. 163) and seventh-round (No. 235) picks. Dallas selected Mike Jenkins, db, Florida. Seattle selected Lawrence Jackson, de, Southern Cal; Owen Schmitt, rb, West Virginia and Brandon Coutu, k, Georgia.

*8, Green Bay traded its first-round (No. 30) pick to the New York Jets for the Jets second- (No. 36) and fourth-round (No. 113) picks. New York selected Dustin Keller, te, Purdue. Green Bay selected Jordy Nelson, wr, Kansas State and traded No. 113 to the New York Jets.

*9, Baltimore traded its second-round (No. 38) to Seattle for the Seahawks' second- (No. 55) and third-round (No. 86) picks. Seattle selected John Carlson, te, Notre Dame. Baltimore selected Ray Rice, rb, Rutgers and Tom Zbikowski, db, Notre Dame.

*10, Philadelphia traded its fourth-round (No. 115) pick to Miami for RB Lorenzo Booker. Miami traded No. 115 to Chicago.

*11, Philadelphia traded its second- (No. 43) and fifth-round (No. 152) picks to Minnesota for the Vikings' second- (No. 47) and fourth-round (No. 117) picks. Minnesota selected Tyrell Johnson, db, Arkansas State and Letroy Guion, dt, Florida State. Philadelphia selected Trevor Laws, dt, Notre Dame and Quintin Demps, db, UTEP.


*13, Miami traded its third-round (No. 64) pick to Detroit for the Lions' third- (No. 66) and fifth-round (No. 176) picks. Detroit selected Kevin Smith, rb, UCF. Miami selected Kendall Langford, de, Hampton and Jalen Parmele, rb, Toledo.

*14, New England traded its third-round (No. 69) pick to San Diego for the Chargers' fifth-round (No. 160) and 2009 second-round picks. San Diego selected Jacob Hester, rb, LSU. New England traded No. 160 to Tampa Bay.

*15, Dallas traded its third-round (No. 92) pick to Detroit for the Lions' fourth- (No. 111) and 2009 fourth-round picks. Detroit selected Cliff Avril, de, Purdue. Dallas traded No. 111 to Cleveland.

*16, Washington traded its fourth-round (No. 103) pick to Tennessee for the Titans' fourth- (No. 124) and fifth-round (No. 157) picks. Tennessee selected William Hayes, de, Winston Salem. Washington selected Justin Tryon, db, Arizona State and traded No. 157 to St. Louis.

*17, Tennessee traded DB Adam Jones to Dallas for the Cowboys' fourth- (No. 126) and 2009 sixth-round picks. Tennessee selected Lavelle Hawkins, wr, California.

*18, Dallas traded its fourth-round (No. 100) pick to Okaland for the Raiders' fourth- (No. 104) and seventh-round (No. 213) picks. Oakland selected Tyvon Branch, db, Connecticut. Dallas traded No. 104 to Cleveland and traded No. 213 to Jacksonville.

*19, New York Jets traded its fourth-round (No. 102) pick to Green Bay for the Packers' fourth- (No. 113) and fifth-round (No. 162) picks. Green Bay selected Jeremy Thompson, de, Wake Forest. New York selected Dwight Lowery, db, San Jose State and Erik Ainge, qb, Tennessee

*20, Dallas traded its fourth-round (No. 104) pick to Cleveland for the Browns' fourth- (No. 122) and fifth-round (No. 155) picks. Cleveland selected Beau Bell, lb, UNLV. Dallas selected Tashard Choice, rb, Georgia Tech and traded No. 155 to Jacksonville.

*21, Baltimore traded its fourth-round (No. 125) pick to Oakland for DB Fabian Washington. Okaland selected Armon Shields, wr, Richmond.

*22, Chicago traded its fourth-round (No. 110) pick to Miami for the Dolphins' fourth- (No. 115) and seventh-round (No. 208) picks. Miami selected Shawn Murphy, g, Utah State. Chicago traded No. 115 to Tampa Bay and selected Ervin Baldwin, de, Michigan State.

*23, Dallas traded its fourth-round (No. 111) pick to Cleveland for the Browns 2009 third-round pick. Cleveland selected Martin Rucker, te, Missouri.

*24, Chicago traded its fourth- (No. 115) and sixth-round (No. 175) picks to Tampa Bay for the Bucs' fourth- (No. 120) and fifth-round (No. 158) picks. Tampa Bay selected Dre Moore, dt, Maryland and Geno Hayes, lb, Florida State. Chicago selected Craig Steltz, db, LSU and Kellen Davis, te, Michigan State.

*25, Pittsburgh traded its fourth-round (No. 123) pick to the New York Giants for the Giants' fourth- (No. 130) and sixth-round (No. 194) picks. New York selected Bryan Kehl, lb, BYU. Pittsburgh selected Tony Hills, ot, Texas and Ryan Mundy, db, West Virginia.

*26, Green Bay traded its fourth-round (No. 128) pick to St. Louis for the Rams' fifth- (No. 137) and seventh-round (No. 217) picks. St. Louis selected Keenan Burton, wr, Kentucky. Green Bay traded No. 137 to Minnesota and selected Brett Swain, wr, San Diego State.

*27, Green Bay traded its fifth-round (No. 137) to Minnesota for the Vikings' fifth- (No. 150) and seventh-round (No. 209) picks. Minnesota selected John David Booty, qb, Southern Cal. Green Bay selected Breno Giacomini, ot, Louisville and Matt Flynn, qb, LSU.

*28, Jacksonville traded its fifth-round (No. 143) to Dallas for the Cowboys' fifth- (No. 155) and seventh-round (No. 213) picks. Dallas selected Orlando Sandrick, db, Boise State. Jacksonville selected Thomas Williams, lb, Southern Cal and Chauncey Washington, rb, Southern Cal.

*29, Detroit traded its fifth-round (No. 144) pick to New Orleans for the Saints' fifth- (No. 146) and seventh-round (No. 218) picks. New Orleans selected DeMario Pressley, dt, N.C. State. Detroit selected Jerome Felton, rb, Furman and Caleb Campbell, db, Army.

*30, Tampa Bay traded its fifth-round (No. 153) pick to New England for the Patriots' fifth- (No. 160) and seventh-round (No. 238) picks. New England selected Matt Slater, wr, UCLA. Tampa Bay selected Josh Johnson, qb, San Diego and Cory Boyd, rb, South Carolina.

*31, Washington traded its fifth- (No. 157) and seventh-round (No. 228) picks to St. Louis for the Rams' two sixth-round (No. 168) and (No. 180) picks. St. Louis selected Roy Schuening, g, Oregon State and Chris Chamberlain, lb, Tulsa. Washington selected Durant Brooks, p, Georgia Tech and Kareem Moore, db, Nicholls State.

*32, Philadelphia traded its sixth-round (No. 191) pick to Cleveland for the Browns' 2009 fifth-round pick. Cleveland selected Paul Hubbard, wr, Wisconsin.

*33, Green Bay traded its seventh-round (No. 237) to New Orleans for the Saints' 2009 sixth-round pick. New Orleans selected Adrian Arrington, wr, Michigan.

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