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Young Patriots fan trolls Raven Steve Smith in hilarious fashion

Baltimore Raven Steve Smith didn't know he had a Patriots fan in his midst at a football camp this week.

It takes a lot of courage to stand up to your convictions in the face of opposition, but that didn't stop one outstanding youngster from speaking his truth -- even if it was in the face of an NFL player. 

Baltimore Raven Steve Smith hosted a football camp for kids on Wednesday and as he attempted to pump up the energy, he was trolled by a camper in the most fantastic way. Steve brought the group in for a huddle and a "Go Ravens" chant, and as the campers dispersed, one voice rose above the noise.

"Go Patriots! Go Patriots!" one kid shouted.

Luckily for us, the incident was caught on video, including the bewildered look on Steve's face, but he took being taunted by a camper like a champ on Twitter.

And as for our brave young fan: we second his statement. 

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