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2000 NFL Draft Facts Page II

A look into the facts and figures of the Draft, past and present.


This year's draft will mark the first time since 1974 that the Patriots will not have a first round selection. In 1974, The Patriots selected guard Steve Corbett with the 30th pick in the draft.

While the Patriots will not select until the 46th position, it will not be their lowest first pick. In 1972, they did not select until the 49th position. That year, they selected wide receiver Tom Reynolds.


The Patriots' first draft choices since the AFL/NFL drafting merger in 1967 are listed below:


1999aDamien Woody17CBoston College
1999bAndy Katzenmoyer28LBOhio State
1998aRobert Edwards18RBGeorgia
1998bTebucky Jones22DBSyracuse
1997Chris Canty29CBKansas State
1996Terry Glenn7WROhio State
1995Ty Law23CBMichigan
1994Willie McGinest4LBSouthern California
1993Drew Bledsoe1QBWashington State
1992Eugene Chung13GVirginia Tech
1991aPat Harlow11TSouthern California
1991bLeonard Russell14RBArizona State
1990aChris Singleton8LBArizona
1990bRay Agnew10DEN.C. State
1989Hart Lee Dykes16WROklahoma State
1988John Stephens17RBNorthwestern
1987Bruce Armstrong23TLouisville
1986Reggie Dupard26RBSouthern Methodist
1985Trevor Matich28CBYU
1984Irving Fryar1WRsNebraska
1983Tony Eason15QBIllinois
1982Ken Sims1DETexas
1981Brian Holloway19OT Stanford
1980aRoland James14DBTennessee
1980bVegas Ferguson25RBNotre Dame
1978Bob Cryder18GAlabama
1977aRaymond Clayborn16DBTexas
1977bStanley Morgan25WRTennessee
1976aMike Haynes5DBArizona State
1976bPete Brock12CColorado
1976cTim Fox21DBOhio State
1975Russ Francis16TEOregon
1974Steve Corbett30GBoston College
1973aJohn Hannah4GAlabama
1973bSam Cunningham11RBSouthern California
1973cDarryl Stingley19WRPurdue
1972Tom Reynolds49WRSan Diego State
1971Jim Plunkettr1QBStanford
1970Phil Olsen4DTUtah State
1969Ron Sellers6SEFlorida State
1968Dennis Byrd6DTNorth Carolina State
1967John Charles21DBPurdue
* second-round selection
bold = current player


In the past 33 NFL Drafts, the Patriots have selected more offensive linemen (9) with their first selection than any other position, including center Damien Woody last year. Below is a list of the positions which have been most frequently relied upon with their first selection. The number in parenthesis represents the number of players by position drafted in the first round.

9 - Offensive Lineman (9) 7 - Defensive Backs (9) 5 - Wide Receivers (6) 3 - Running Backs (6) 3 - Defensive Lineman (4) 3 - Quarterbacks (3) 2 - Linebackers (3) 1 - Tight Ends (1)


The National Football League announced the names of 26 players who have been granted special eligibility for the 2000 NFL Draft on April 15-16.

All of the 26 players have been out of high school for at least three seasons and have submitted a written application in which he renounced his remaining college football eligibility. The deadline for receiving applications was January 10.

The players who have been declared eligible are listed below:

Arrington, LaVarLBPenn State
Brooks, RodregisDBAlabama-Birmingham
Burress, PlaxicoWRMichigan State
Cavil, KwameWRTexas
Charlton, IkeDBVirginia Tech
Coleman, CoseyGTennessee
Dennis, PatrickDBLouisiana-Monroe
Diggs, Na'ilLBOhio State
Dunlap, JeffreyDTAuburn
Franks, DanielTEMiami
Grant, DeonDBTennessee
Herring, BudLBLouisville
Jackson, DarrellWRFlorida
Jackson, KeithDTCheyney, Pa.
Janikowski, SebastianKFlorida State
Jenkins, RonneyRBNorthern Arizona
Kelly, BenDBColorado
Lewis, JamalRBTennessee
McDonald, TariqWRArizona State
Sanders, LewisDBMaryland
Shepherd, JacobyDBOklahoma State
Smith, MarvelTArizona State
Stith, ShyroneRBVirginia Tech
Taylor, TravisWRFlorida
Thompson, HubertDEMichigan State
White, DezWRGeorgia Tech
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