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2000 NFL Draft Facts Page IV


Rounds 1-6

First Round Selections (8)

11Bledsoe, DrewQB6-02338Washington State
47Edwards, RobertRB5-112182Georgia
88Glenn, TerryWR5-111855Ohio State
34Jones, TebuckyCB6-22163Syracuse
59Katzenmoyer, AndyMLB6-32552Ohio State
24Law, TyCB5-112006Michigan
55McGinest, WillieDE6-52557Southern Cal
65Woody, DamienC6-33192Boston College

Second Round Selections (8)

82Brisby, VincentWR6-31938N.E. Louisiana
52Johnson, TedMLB6-32406Colorado
33Faulk, KevinRB5-81972Louisiana State
36Milloy, LawyerSS6-12085Washington
98Mitchell, BrandonDE6-32894Texas A&M
71Rucci, ToddG6-52968Penn State
83Rutledge, RodTE6-52623Alabama
81Simmons, TonyWR6-12063Wisconsin
53Slade, ChrisOLB6-52458Virginia

Third Round Selections (8)

54Bruschi, TedyOLB6-12455Arizona
42Carter, ChrisFS6-12014Texas
37Floyd, ChrisFB6-02313Michigan
41George, TonyFS5-112002Florida
94Spires, GregDE6-12603Florida State
95Thomas, HenryDT6-227714Louisiana State

Fourth Round Selections (8)

84Bjornson, EricTE6-42366Washington
32Cherry, J'JuanCB5-112002Arizona State
66Ellis, EdT6-73404Buffalo
26Gilliard, CoryCB6-02101Ball State
28Harris, RaymontRB6-02305Ohio State
25Whigham, LarrySS6-22057N.E. Louisiana

Fifth Round Selections (8)

64Fletcher, DerrickT-G6-63482Baylor
10Johnson, LeeP6-220016BYU

Sixth Round Selections (8)

17Friesz, JohnQB6-422311Idaho
68Lane, MaxG6-63057Navy
96Megna, MarcOLB6-22451Richmond
44Shaw, HaroldFB6-02283So. Mississippi

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