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2000 NFL Draft Facts Page V


Rounds 7-8 and Non-Drafted Free Agents

Seventh Round Selections (8)

76Andersen, JasonOL6-63123BYU
7Bishop, MichaelQB6-22172Kansas State
90Eaton, ChadDT6-53004Washington State
85Morey, SeanWR5-111901Brown
97Scarlett, NoelDT6-33201Langston

Eighth Round Selections (8)

80Brown, TroyWR5-101908Marshall

Non-Drafted Free Agents (15)

18Bailey, AaronWR5-101856Louisville
86Bartrum, MikeTE-LS6-52457Marshall
30Carter, TonyFB5-112367Minnesota
29Cullors, DerrickRB5-112054Murray State (Ky)
60Johnson, GarrettDT6-32901Illinois
8Kuklick, BrianQB6-32051Wake Forest
62Mack, KendallT6-43221Auburn
22Malveaux, KellyCB5-91861Arizona
50Munch, JohnOLB6-12351Illinois Wesleyan
31Serwanga, KatoCB5-111922California
48Tardio, RobTE6-52451Boston College
49Taylor, KerryTE6-22521Massachusetts
4Vinatieri, AdamK6-02005South Dakota State
76Williams, GrantT6-73235Louisiana Tech

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