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2016 NFL Draft: Inside the Numbers


We go inside the numbers to take a look at the Patriots Draft history.


The number of draft day trades the Patriots made in 2004. It is the only year in the Bill Belichick era that New England has not engaged in any draft day trades.

The number of offensive players drafted by the Patriots in the first round on the current roster (2011, Nate Solder).



The number of times New England has drafted three players in the first round (1973: G John Hannah, RB Sam Cunningham, WR Daryl Stingley; 1976: DB Mike Haynes, C Pete Brock, DB Tim Fox).

The number of times in the Bill Belichick era the Patriots have drafted back-to-back players from the same school (2002: Rohan Davey and Jarvis Green, LSU; 2010: Jermaine Cunningham and Brandon Spikes, Florida; 2013: Logan Ryan and Duron Harmon, Rutgers).

The number of compensatory picks currently on the Patriots roster (2000: sixth-round No. 199 - Tom Brady; 2014: fourth-round No. 140 - Cameron Fleming; 2015: third-round No. 97 - Geneo Grissom).

The number of times New England has selected three or more players from one school in a single draft since 1967 (1973: Texas A&M - Brad Dusek, David Callaway and Homer May; 1974: Boston College - Steve Corbett, Phil Bennet and Gary Hudson; 2010: Florida - Jermaine Cunningham, Brandon Spikes and Aaron Hernandez; 2013: Rutgers - Logan Ryan, Duron Harmon and Steve Beauharnais).

In Bill Belichick's 16 previous seasons with the Patriots, the team has only drafted in the top 10 twice and in the top 20 four times:

2011 - Nate Solder (17th overall)
2008 - Jerod Mayo (10th overall)
2003 - Ty Warren (13th overall)
2001 - Richard Semour (6th overall)

The number of defensive players drafted by the Patriots in the first round on the current roster (2010: Devin McCourty; 2012: Dont'a Hightower; 2015: Malcom Brown).

The Patriots drafted two players from Arkansas in 2015 with Trey Flowers in the fourth round and AJ Derby in the sixth round. It was the 10th time under Bill Belichick that the Patriots selected at least two players from one school in a single draft.



The number of times the Patriots have made at least two selections in the first round of the draft:

1973: John Hannah, Sam Cunningham and Daryl Stingley
1976: Mike Haynes, Pete Brock and Tim Fox
1977: Raymond Clayborn and Stanley Morgan
1980: Roland James and Vagas Ferguson
1982: Ken Sims and Lester Williams
1990: Chris Singleton and Ray Agnew
1991: Pat Harlow and Leonard Russell
1998: Robert Edwards and Tebucky Jones
1999: Damien Woody and Andy Katzenmoyer
2004: Vince Wilfork and Benjamin Watson
2012: Chandler Jones and Dont'a Hightower

The number of times since 2000 that New England has traded up in draft day exchanges.

The number of times since 2000 that New England has traded down in draft day exchanges.



In Bill Belichick's 16 drafts with the Patriots, the team has selected 19 underclassman, including one last year (Maclom Brown).

The number of times since 2000 that New England has made draft day trades involving players and/or future draft considerations.

The number of Boston College players the Patriots have taken in their draft history, more than any other school. Two Eagles have been selected during the Belichick era - Dan Koppen (2003) and Ron Brace (2009).

The number of draft day trades New England has made combined in the past eight drafts (2008-15), including seven in 2009 and 2010, three in 2008, four in 2011 and 2012, two in 2013 and 2015 and one in 2014.

The number of compensatory picks the NFL has awarded New England since 1994, the fourth most in the NFL.

The number of quarterbacks the Patriots have drafted in 55 drafts, including eight in the Belichick era.

The number of draft-day trades by Bill Belichick in his 16 drafts with the Patriots. In the 16 drafts prior to 2000 (1984-99), New England engaged in 24 draft-day trades.

Since 1970, the Patriots have drafted 90 offensive linemen, the most from one single position, one more than the 89 defensive backs during that time. The smallest groups drafted since 1970 is two long snapper and eight punters.

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