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5 Takeaways from Jerod Mayo's appearance on "Pats from the Past"

Here are five fascinating things that stood out from Jerod Mayo's appearance on the "Pats from the Past" podcast.


Jerod Mayo was the latest guest on the "Pats from the Past" podcast and provided some great stories and insights from both his playing days and current coaching experience with the Patriots.

Mayo was selected 10th overall in the 2008 draft and immediately found himself playing a significant role for a defense that was coming off an 18-1 season, winning the AP's Defensive Rookie of the Year. He went on to play eight seasons with the Pats, appearing in one Super Bowl while earning a championship ring in 2014, though he had been lost for the season due to injury.

Now Mayo is entering his fourth season as a coach for the Patriots and he shared some great stories that spanned all of his experiences with New England, both on the field and off it.

Here are five of the best moments from the podcast!

On joining the Patriots in 2008:

"The year prior they won every game but won the Super Bowl. So I wasn't coming into an organization as a top-10 pick where it's a whole overhaul. We had a bunch of leaders on the team. The team was loaded. For me to come in, it was more like, "Let me just learn from everyone else and not say anything else unless I have to.'"

On earning the respect of his teammates as a rookie:

"The reason I gained the respect of the players is because I would go in there when Bill was on the computer and ask, 'The guys are tired, we don't wanna be in pads today." Now, I went to go in there because Bill's a tough guy. For me, I was always raised that the worst thing someone can say to me is no, then go ask. So I would go in there, I would always joke around I was batting .300 at the time, batting .250. Because I would go in there and sometimes the request would be granted and there were other times he'd be like, 'Hey, get out of here.' But when I would go back in the locker room and tell guys we're not in pads today, it was like a celebration. Like literally picking me up on their shoulders, like this guy went into the fire, went into the dragon's layer and asked for something and got it."

On teammate Matthew Slater being a Hall of Famer:

"I see Slate in there every single day and you talk about a guy who takes care of his body, loves the game of football, actually loves special teams... not like these other guys who they go on their visits and, 'Oh I love special teams,' and then ask him how many snaps of special teams did you have last year and, 'Oh, the coach didn't really want me on special teams.' When you think about a guy like Slater, a guy who's really been the glue for a long time around here. I feel like I was the bridge, I only have one Super Bowl, I'm not complaining but the bridge between that next generation. Slate's been through it since 2008 and he's still going. You really think about it, he is the glue and I was just the bridge. He's a Hall of Famer in my opinion. He doesn't go out there and play 30 snaps, but at the same time he makes a huge impact on the game."

On this year's young linebacker group:

"I think this year, just thinking about the guys that we have in the room, we have some guys that can rush and cover. We have some guys that Pats Nation hasn't even heard of probably. That, to me, is the exciting part. That's the exciting part of the unknown. We're going to go into it as a unit, we're going to go into it together and I would say even right now not having some of those older guys in the room is beneficial for the younger guys because the older guys would be bored out of their minds with some of the things we're talking about. At the same time. it's forcing the young guys to really take that step forward and really grow and develop without being hindered by any other guy's experience."

On Tom Brady chipping his tooth pregame:

"So I'm sitting there, and Tom and I would always chat it up pregame, I'm on the sideline. We're just out there, I have my helmet on, it's unbuckled, don't have my mouthpiece in, I'm ready to go in and I hear my name... I turn around and it's Tom and he head butts me and splits my tooth right down the middle, I'm talking 10 minutes before the game and my tooth is split and I'm pissed. My tooth is split down the middle, going this way straight across. So, I have a great game because I'm pissed off the whole game and afterwards I'm like, 'Tom, you're buying me a new set of teeth and you're paying for it and I wanna go to your dentist. I haven't cashed it yet, I will though soon."


Pats from the Past Podcast

The 'Pats from the Past' podcast features in-depth conversations with some of the greatest Patriots players in franchise history. Hosted by Sr. Executive Producer Matt Smith, and's Paul Perillo, who combined have nearly forty years of experience in the organization to expertly tap into the players and their unique insights.


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