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5 Takeaways from Julian Edelman's appearance on "Pats from the Past"

Julian Edelman provided a ton of great insight into his career on the latest episode of the "Pats from the Past" podcast

Julian Edelman appeared on the most recent "Pats from the Past" podcast, released this week, providing insight into his fantastic career with the Patriots and giving an update on what he's up to these days as he's transitioned from the playing field to the broadcast booth where he's joined Inside the NFL which streams on Paramount Plus.

A three-time Super Bowl champion with the Patriots, Edelman was a key part of some of the most exciting and pivotal moments of the team's second trio of championships. Edelman spoke with hosts Matt Smith and Brian Morry about how he earned Tom Brady's trust, some of the toughest players he played against, what he was most proud of and many other great moments of insight into his superlative career.

Here are just a few of the best moments and things we learned from the episode.

Getting the post-retirement itch

After announcing his retirement last offseason, Edelman said he didn't miss being out there once training camp opened in the summer, or even when the regular season got underway. No, it was in January when he missed playing. "I got the itch when the playoffs started, when it was real football," said Edelman, "that's when my juices started to flow."

On only being a Patriot

Edelman took pride in retiring having only played for one team, saying he never really had any desire to join Tom Brady in Tampa Bay.

"I think it's pretty cool to play your career with one team, it's very rare these days as we're seeing," said Edelman. "Growing up [players moving around] was never really a thing, everyone kind of stuck with their team. It was something I thought was cool, Tedy Bruschi Troy Brown, guys that played their whole entire career as a Patriot. I was blessed and fortunate enough to get to do that."

On calling Boston home

Though Edelman original hails from San Francisco's Bay Area, he arrived in Boston in 2009 fresh out of college and has made a home here. He acknowledged the incredible support that Patriots fans had given to him, and it's why he's put down roots in the city that remain to this day.

"Out here, it's unbelievable," said Edelman of the support in Boston. "Everyone has been so welcoming to me and my family. I've been here 12 years. People ask where did you grew up, I really grew up here as an adult, I grew up in Boston. Came here at 22 years old and I'm still here now as we speak."

He also expressed how much he loved how the whole city just revolves around their teams, whether it's the Patriots, Bruins, Celtics or Red Sox.

"It's just such a pro team town," said Edelman.


On earning Brady's trust

When asked how he earned Tom Brady's trust as a receiver, Edelman said you never truly earn it, it's something that has to be built over and over with consistency. He went into depth about how complicated the Patriots offense can be and how the mental load can separate those who can make it from those who can't.

"You could run three different routes on one play, according to what coverage you have and a lot of times those variables, and those abilities to think quickly," said Edelman. "When things are happening fast, that's when you see who can retain the knowledge and execute at a high level."

On his favorite play as a Patriot

Edelman made plenty of noteworthy plays over the course of his career, especially in the playoffs where he made key third-down conversions during every playoff run. But his favorite came in Super Bowl 49.

"3rd and 14 in 49 against Seattle Seahawks where Cam Chancellor lit me up," said Edelman. "That's kind of a microcosm of my career... to make that catch, that's kind of the football player I always I wanted to be... can you make the catch over the middle, can you take the hit?"

For plenty more great nuggets from the all-time Patriot check out the episode of Pats from the Past, as he further dives into some of the biggest games and moments from his career.


Pats from the Past Podcast

The 'Pats from the Past' podcast features in-depth conversations with some of the greatest Patriots players in franchise history. Hosted by Sr. Executive Producer Matt Smith, and's Paul Perillo, who combined have nearly forty years of experience in the organization to expertly tap into the players and their unique insights.


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