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Patriots Replay Thu Apr 15 | 12:00 AM - 11:55 AM

A statement from Patriots players, coaches and personnel


As our 2020 season comes to a close on the field today, we – the New England Patriots players, coaches and personnel staff – are proud to share information about our efforts off the field this season to learn from and support the New England community, a community that has given us such incredible support over the years.

Each Monday throughout this season, we held social justice meetings as a team in order to continue important dialogues that began over the summer. We met virtually with leaders of different local organizations and also with system-impacted individuals, all of whom are working in a variety of facets, including police and community relations, criminal justice reform, food insecurity, education and healthcare. We were often joined by ownership, who have been unwavering in their commitment to listening and learning alongside us. Through these sessions, we've gained a greater understanding of social justice issues and why they matter, and how we can use our platform as NFL players to help promote equity, fairness and racial equality in our local community and beyond.

As a team, with a generous match from Robert Kraft, we raised and will be distributing more than $500,000 to eight New England-based organizations over the next few weeks through the Players' Social Justice Fund. Additionally, as we do each season, we raised funds over the holidays to thank several of the men and women who have helped us prepare and compete this season, which was more challenging than ever due to the many COVID protocols. When we learned we had an excess of funds totaling $34,000, we elected as a team to donate to Boston Healthcare for the Homeless to provide gift cards to the many people they serve. It is our privilege to support these organizations who are making a meaningful impact, especially those advocating and providing opportunities for people of color and those in marginalized communities. 

The Patriots stand together in our mission to do more to end racism, bigotry and prejudice by leading with love, care and compassion. We will continue to use our platform to advocate for change, help provide access to opportunities and make a collective impact on the well-being of our community and the future of our children.

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