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Aaron Brooks Pre-Game Press Conference

Saints Quarterback Aaron Brooks talks to Foxboro press about the upcoming game against the Pats on Sunday.To view the full transcript, click here.



Q: We have a little quarterback controversy here, but there is no controversy where you are?

AB: No.

Q: You had your finest game of your career probably last week?

AB: Yeah, probably.

Q: Are you really clicking now on offense?

AB: Yeah, I would think so. We had two outstanding weeks in terms of offensive production where we got a lot of things done. In terms of guys catching the ball, running correct routes, guys blocking, me getting on the same page making correct reads, Ricky [Williams] running the ball. We have been doing a lot of good things the last few weeks and hopefully we can continue that.

**Q: 19 of 22 for 249 yards, you have 14 touchdowns already I would assume as the season goes on you feel more and more comfortable about what you are doing.BB: Oh yeah, not only me, but the rest of the offense also. We have been going through some things in terms of being inconsistent and we just wanted to get on that consistent level and now I think that we feel like we have and it is benefiting all of us. My numbers are pretty good and Joe Horne has not as many catches, but he has pretty decent yards and Woody Jackson is having his career year and Ricky Williams is running pretty well. We are just fine. I guess we are not exactly where we want to be, but we are getting there.

Q: The fact is you are 5-4, you are on a run, you are team that everybody considered to be a serious contender after what you did last year, do you still feel that way, do you fell that way now?

AB: Yeah, we just, the first half of the season he just didn't catch as many breaks as other teams did. We had six nail biting games that came down to the wire and we ended up on the short end of the stick. So if we had come through on top of those nail biting games I think our record would be a lot better than 5-4, possibly 7-2 or 6-3, but because…

Q: You don't exactly have an easy road to the end of the season, you still have St. Louis, Tampa and San Francisco, so it won't be a cakewalk?

AB: Oh no, no, not at all. The Rams game is on Monday night so they are going to be eager for revenge and they exposed our defense with their explosive offense…and Tampa they are in a fight in the NFC Central so who knows how that is going to end up, so we have some games to prepare for.

Q: This team is coming off loss to St. Louis you played them in one of the most exciting games where you were down 26-6 and came back to beat them, was it one of the most exciting games you ever played in?

AB: Yeah it is, but at the same time we have to play games one at a time. We have to look forward to New England. They have a pretty good defense. They just don't show you one thing…we can look forward to the following two weeks before we get to St. Louis. So we just have to take it a game at a time.

Q: A lot of the quarterback controversy ups here is staged over the question of whether a quarterback should lose his job do to injury, since you pretty much came by your job that way I assume you have some pretty strong feelings about it?

AB: Not as much. Jeff was lost for the season so I had no other choice. Bledsoe he was injured momentarily and now he is back and he wants his job back and I can understand it, but at the same time Brady has been playing extremely well and he feels that he deserves the job too. So I think it is more of a coaching decision or more of an organization decision as far as which way they want their team to go. Bledsoe just signed a big time deal with them, if he doesn't play or he doesn't get the job next year it is going to hurt them in some ways, so they have a lot of factors to look into, which way they want to go and I think that felt like they want to stay with Tom for the time being and see how he holds up. It is a decision that, it is a personnel decision, not more of a quarterback controversy thing. It is a tough decision to be put in, you have to say that this guy deserves it back and this one hasn't been playing well enough, which he has so there is a decision making process that will take awhile for it to clear up.

Q: Are you the guy who taught Michael Vick to play quarterback?

AB: No I am quite sure he had it in his mind he wanted to play it…it worked out well. I worked with him a little bit and I guess he enjoyed the things that he could do at the quarterback position.

Q: You are four years apart in school, did you ever play against each other?

AB: No, no, not at all.

Q: But you worked out during the summer together and stuff?

AB: Yeah we worked out and had friendly conversations and talked football, you know just normal conversation.

Q: Are you reasonably close to him, I know you are second cousins?

AB: Yeah for the most part, we were from the same neighborhood, we all came up in the same boys' club. We were reasonably close, just because we are four years apart my life was changing a little different than his, he was still going through high school and I was just about entering college so it was a big change for me and I had to get him ready for college and so on and so forth and the pros too. So I don't know it was a hand me down type thing

Q: How do you view yourself, your passing is pinpoint lately, yet you are a scrambler, Donovan McNabb like to say that he is a passer first and just runs when he has to, how do you view your role in that area?

AB: Not to really be agreeing with him, but I am a passer. I think you can see the things I do in the pocket. I look for third and fourth receivers. I take the takedowns. I mean I do those types of things. That is why I always felt coming into this league I had to do. You will never see in my stats a tremendous amount of rushing yards, but at the same time they are respectful to keep the defense off-balance. I just see myself as the quarterback, you know I work the position because not only am I able to throw the ball, but I know when and where when it is time to run. I mean I guess if you ask any quarterback they would say they were a passing quarterback.

Q: The trade from Green Bay to the Saints turned out to be a great move in retrospect, but were you upset at the time?

AB: It was just that when Ray Rhodes whole staff got fired and Green Bay took me by surprise and…I didn't know how it would end up and what it was going to look like. It so happened that Green Bay's coaches were spread all around the NFL. Most of them went to Minnesota. Mike was one of the only ones that, he was the only one that came down to New Orleans and I think we had one or two others go elsewhere and Ray Rhodes went to before Denver, he went to the 'Skins, he was at Washington, so I kind of weighed my options. I felt like the media was getting to Matt and I in terms of who they were going to keep and who they weren't going to keep. They talked about Matt Hasselback being traded…so once I knew that I kind of figured that I kind of had an opportunity to go somewhere where the coaches coached me before and really know me and I was glad to be part of that.

Q: What problems does the Patriots defense give you specifically and how do you attack them?

AB: …They run some 3-4 defense and also some 4-3 defense so the first thing is front recognition, recognizing the front. Second of all I don't think we can really get caught up with a team that does so much of everything. They do a good job blitzing, they do a good job mixing their base fronts up and they do a good job covering man-to-man. So I think we can't get caught up in it. We have to play our game and play the game we know best **

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