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Andy Reid Conference Call Transcript 9/25: 'Chandler is a good football player'

Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid addresses the New England media during his conference call on Thursday, September 25, 2014.

Q:What have you seen from the Patriots offensive line so far?

AR:Oh, I'm not here to comment on that. They're doing a nice job. We've got our own things we're working with.

Q:How much are you stressing turnovers this week, as you've yet to force one this season?

AR:We're not in the plus area in that category, so it's important. The Patriots are in the plus area in that category. They're leading the league in turnovers. That's an important area to be good at.

Q:What kind of challenge does Chandler Jones present to your offense given his length and versatility?

AR:Chandler is a good football player, and he does have great length and again, he's using that very well this year. We've got to make sure … Obviously he's not the only good player on that team. They've got a whole bunch of them. But he's definitely one that you've got to know where he's at.

Q:What did you like about what Joe McKnight was able to give you last week in Jamaal Charles' absence?

AR:Joe did a nice job. He's been banged up a little bit. You guys remember when he was at the Jets and that, so I'm not telling you anything new, but he's been banged up a little bit. I think just from a personal standpoint, I was glad he was able to get back and do what he loves doing, and that's playing the game. And then he got in in a limited role and did some nice things, so we'll see. Jamaal is back this week, so who knows what action he'll even have this week.

Q:Is Jamaal Charles going to be good to practice all week and play on Monday?

AR:Yeah, I think so. He's going to practice today. We'll see how he does.

Q:One of our locals around here is your fullback, Anthony Sherman. Can you talk to me about what he brings to the team as a player and as a leader?

AR:He's got some of that Cape Cod toughness, so he brings it every play. He's a tough guy, and you know what, he's very versatile, which I don't think people realize. He's got tremendous hands, too. You can do a lot of things with him and move him around. He could equally fit in the tight end role if you need him in there and do the blocking and the receiving part of that.

Q:How has Dontari Poe grown from last season to this year?

AR:He's actually lost a couple pounds. He's a good football player, and just the experience of the last couple years here I think has helped him continue to get better. He's a young guy where the more he plays, the better he gets. He can do a lot of things for you. He can rush the passer and he is also a good run player.

Q:A lot has been made of the crowd noise at Arrowhead Stadium. As a coach, how helpful is that home noise, and do we make too much out of that?

AR:We'll just see how that rolls. They enjoy the Chiefs, and they're very proud of the Chiefs, so it's enjoyable to play in front of them. They'll show up, for sure.

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