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Ask PFW: Reason Four Celebration


When Jermaine Kearse was making his circus catch, I noticed that No. 30 (Duron Harmon) seemed to leap over him to avoid contact. Did Harmon do so in the belief that the pass was incomplete and he wanted to avoid a penalty for a late hit?**
John Harrington

I didn't get a chance to ask him about it after the game but my guess is you would be correct. Harmon likely saw the ball get deflected by Malcolm Butler and saw Kearse falling to the ground. Rather than risk a penalty by hitting the receiver when he was on the ground, Harmon may have decided to jump over the pile believing the pass would be incomplete. Obviously with 20-20 hindsight he could have easily prevented Kearse from making the catch had he realized the ball was still in play. But based on his reaction I'm guessing he thought the play was over.
Paul Perillo

Most of us ragged on Danny Amendola throughout his time here as a Patriot. He started this year as the $6 million return man and ended up making some key plays as the season went on. Still, he is not worth his cap number next year. Do you think he would redo his contract to stay or do you think he will end up being cut?
Jesse M.

Team photographer, Keith Nordstrom, offers his best photos from the Patriots-Seahawks Super Bowl at the University of Phoenix Stadium on Sunday, February 1, 2015.

This will be one of the more interesting developments of the offseason. Amendola had a solid postseason and made some big plays for the Patriots, but he did not accomplish much during the regular season and provided very little as a return man as well. He and Julian Edelman have very similar skill sets and it doesn't always appear to be a need for both in the lineup at the same time. However, Amendola has shown he has the talent to make some plays and could be a valuable piece at the right price. I wouldn't be surprised to see the sides try to rework the deal and keep him around, but that may not be easy. We shall see.
Paul Perillo

Can you pass this suggestion on to Tom Brady ... That he personally and publicly announce his selection of Malcolm Butler as his co-MVP in the Super Bowl victory over the Seahawks, and then he turns over the keys to Malcolm for the truck he was also presented by the NFL. Would be a good teammate & good sport gesture! It would mean a lot more to Malcolm, I'm sure.
Steve Linchey

You're not the first to make that suggestion, and Brady and the rest of his teammates have been quite complimentary of Butler. In fact, various reports indicate Brady may have already given the truck to Butler. What a terrific play by the rookie, who has been doing that kind of stuff all season in practice according to his teammates. Whether Brady actually makes a public declaration for Butler is irrelevant; the Patriots understand how important the rookie was to victory.
Paul Perillo

I have two questions. First, do you expect Danny Amendola will come back? He did have some moments and made some first downs in that biggest game of the season. Second, is it legal to have a QB kneel in a shotgun formation? I understand it may cause fumble but I think it would be better if Tom Brady took the ball a few yards back in that second to last play to avoid those rushes. Thank you! Can't wait for the next season to begin!
John Lee

I already talked about Amendola earlier and I don't believe he will be back, at least not on his current deal. If he accepts less money, then perhaps there's a chance he could return. As for the kneel downs, it is legal to take a knee out of the shotgun but you probably answered your own question about why team's don't do it that way. The risk of a fumble out of the shotgun is greater than with a traditional snap, plus the ball would be further away from the pile and offer an opportunity for the opponent to pick it up. Obviously fumbles are extremely rare in those late-game situations regardless, but having Brady take the snap and kneel down is about as a safe a way for the Patriots to seal a victory as there could be.
Paul Perillo


Every Super Bowl, someone makes some incredible play that always will be remembered and named too, like the Immaculate Reception, so, I figured if we can name the play of Malcolm Butler the Divine Interception, just because it would be very fitting!**
Ricardo Machado

Words can't describe how incredible Butler's play was. It was a great combination of preparation leading to a physically impressive play. Butler said he knew the play Seattle was running based on the formation and he jumped the route with decisiveness and saved the game. Anything you want to call it is fine with me.
Paul Perillo

With everyone thinking that Marshawn Lynch was going to run the ball in from the 1-yard line, and time ticking down with less than a minute, why didn't Bill Belichick call a timeout? It ended up being the right call but if Seattle scores, a timeout would have given Brady more time for one last drive.
Wano Yee

I think if Pete Carroll handed the ball off and Seattle scored we'd all be talking about that very fact today. I can't understand why Belichick chose not to call timeout with a minute left to preserve some time, but it worked out thanks to some curious play-calling by the Seahawks and Butler's great play. Still, I'd rather have Belichick call a timeout just in case the defense failed to make the stop.
Paul Perillo


This team seemed so stacked with talent this year, and it was so amazing to get that championship back. They'll still be a good team next year, but how many good players are we about to lose? Who do you see staying with guys like Akeem Ayers, Alan Branch, Stevan Ridley, Shane Vereen and Devin McCourty at the end of their contracts? Is Stephen Gostkowski re-signed? And do you think any of these guys like Ridley might do a hometown discount with other offers? I have a hard time seeing them having the money to keep Darrelle Revis AND McCourty, and I am hoping they'll retain the former.**
Kyle Jeffreys

First things first, the Patriots have plenty of money to re-signed any and all of these players. I would put Revis, McCourty and Gostkowski at the top of the list in terms of priorities. Revis will cost the most by McCourty won't be cheap either. These guys have talked all year long about how much the Patriots organization means to them and how much they enjoy being part of it. Based on that I have a good feeling about the possibility of both re-signed with the team. Ridley could be had for short money coming off a torn ACL. Vereen likely will get some decent money on the open market and I'm less optimistic about his return. Overall a lot of things can change once the offseason kicks into gear but I'd say Revis and McCourty will be back.
Paul Perillo