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Belichick Post Game Conf.

Foxboro Stadium - Foxborough, MABill Belichick speaks to the press.



            …a couple of turnovers, we gave up a couple, but overall I thought it was a lot sharper than our effort last week so that was a positive. No serious injuries in the game at least at this point, we are just like everybody else right now 0-0. The last thing I told the players in the locker room was about wiping the slate clean and coming in here tomorrow and really starting preparations for Tampa and those will heat up. We've got a good long stretch to prepare for them and that is what we are pointing toward. Everything we are doing is working toward the opener and getting ready for the 16 game regular season. You never really know until that first game hits, but hopefully we will be ready for it.  


… the one he scored on so it looks like that is a type of thing that could possibly work to our advantage. We want to keep using it and if it can help us than maybe it has a place.

Q: Does Kevin Faulk start at running back now?

B: We are going to take a good look at our football team this weekend. We have a little extra time with the Thursday game tonight in preparation for Tampa. We will take a good long look at the personnel situation. We obviously have to make the mandatory cut-down to 53 and try to figure out what is the best team that we can put out on the field and that involves a lot of different people and a lot of different positions so that is what this weekend will be about and then we will make our decisions and move forward into Tampa.

Q: Obviously Otis Smith has something left, is that a good indication and where do you see him fitting in?

B: I'd put Otis right in there with the way I answered the last question. Otis is a good strong veteran player. He is always well prepared and tonight he was able to really pick up most of the defense in a relatively short period of time and have some success out there playing it. I am glad that we got him on our team. I think that that he brings some very strong qualities with him and I think those will benefit our team.

Q: Did you talk to Drew about bringing in Bishop and how did he feel about it?

B: Sure we talked about it with all the quarterbacks and everyone understood how we were going to play the game and we were able to play this particular game with Drew (Bledsoe), John (Friesz), and Tom taking the quarterback rotation and Michael coming in and doing what he did and that is what we planned on doing. Last week the rotation was a little bit different, we will have to decide this week how we want to proceed from here, but I think we got a good chance to look at everybody and now we will take a little time to really evaluate how we can put the best team on the field.


B: Right now I think my biggest concern is our football team. I don't think we are at the point where we want to be too cute with what we are doing with everybody else. We need to get our team ready to go and I felt like we took a step forward today. There are still al lot of things we need to execute better, but there were some positive signs and hopefully we keep building in that direction and then we might be all right.

Q: Shockmain Davis and Dane Looker both did some good things out there, is that going to be your hardest decision, the wide receiver position?

B: It looked like the young receivers stepped up again tonight and made some nice play. The receiver position looks like it is a pretty competitive spot, of course special teams plays a factor in that too. Again, that is just one of the things that we will have to do over the weekend is take a good evaluation of not only the receivers, but how different positions are competing against each other. Safeties and linebackers versus tight ends and running backs and receivers versus defensive backs just to put together the strongest team that we are able to do.

Q: What is Woody's injury, why didn't he return to the game?

B: He got hit in the head and probably could of come back at the end of the game, but as a precaution we just kept him out. He should be all right.

Q: Why didn't Raymont Harris play more and J.R. Redmond got so much time?

B: It was the situation where you can only play so many guys. Raymont has has more opportunities in earlier games. J.R. only had a handful of carries last week and we wanted to get J.R. a chance to handle the ball tonight which we did. I think through the course of the preseason the carries have been fairly balanced, not completely but we've had an opportunity to look at the different running backs and again we will try to put together the best group we can.

Q: On the shot gun snap that resulted in a fumble…

B: I'll have to take a closer look at that one on the film, but from where I was standing I didn't think the snap was that bad. It probably should have been handled.

Q: How did you think the offense played?

B: I thought offensively we moved the ball with a little bit of crispness we had the turnover on the first drive and then moved it down the field the second time so that was a good positive stretch in the first quarter when a majority of the first group was in there and Drew was at the helm so that was good.

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